NAVCO Introduced New VacuVibe 2.0 Vacuum-Mounted Hopper Vibrator

NAVCO introduced the New VacuVibe 2.00 vacuum-mounted hopper vibrator to solve specialized bulk material flow problems that demand higher performance vibration combined with the portability of a pneumatically-driven vacuum mounting pad.

NAVCO (National Air Vibrator Company) introduced the new VacuVibe 2.00 vacuum-mounted hopper vibrator for specialized bulk material flow processes. The NAVCO VacuVibe 2.00 combines the higher performance of the NAVCO BH 2.00 vibrator with the portability of a pneumatically-driven vacuum mounting pad.

"The NAVCO VacuVibe 2.00 offers powerful vibration and increased utility, and also a more cost-effective solution compared to other options," president Geoff Neundorfer said.

Success Story in Carbide Processing Increased by 20 Bins per Week
Manufacturers in certain processing industries routinely fail to meet their target weight/fill levels in bulk material containers. Material not densifying sufficiently during the bin loading process creates costly delays, reduced margins, higher shipping costs, and can constrain plant capacity.

NAVCO was approached by a carbide processing facility that was missing their bin fill weight of 5,000 pounds by an average 10 percent per bin. Increasing each bin's fill weight by 10 percent could improve productivity by an average 20 additional bins in weight over a seven-day period.

After deployment of two NAVCO VacuVibe vacuum-mounted hopper vibrators, the manufacturer has consistently met their target fill weights, increasing productivity by their goal of up to 20 bins per week more.

VacuVibe 2.00 Product Highlights

The NAVCO VacuVibe 2.00 is ideal in situations where traditional mounting techniques are not an option. Vacuum mounting means no brackets required.
Pneumatically-driven means it runs completely on air, easily powered by available air supply in a factory or on a truck.
Light enough to move around the facility or a truck, and powerful enough to move material in vessels with walls up to one quarter- inch thick.
High-energy impulse transfers the ideal amount of linear force.
Can be implemented on a wide variety of vessel types, including bins, chutes, hoppers, pipes, railcars, hopper-bottom trucks, and more.
All NAVCO VacuVibe vacuum-mounted hopper vibrators come complete with 14-inch air hose, manual valves for vacuum pad and vibrator control, pressure regulator for vibrator operating pressure, three-eights inch NPT male quick-connect fitting, safety cable, and latch.


NAVCO (National Air Vibrator Company) was founded in 1955 to design and manufacture industrial vibratory equipment needed to power the post-war industrial boom in the USA and North America. NAVCO bin hopper vibrators, railcar vibrators, and other vibratory equipment are used in rail cars, trucking, foundries, and process manufacturing, to facilitate flow of bulk materials through hoppers, bins, bunkers, and other vessels for efficiency and profitability.

NAVCO has become a leading expert in material flow solutions. NAVCO has continually expanded its product line, and now designs and manufactures specialized vibratory flow systems, such as vibrating tables, portable rail car vibrators, and small, adaptable vibratory devices. NAVCO industrial vibratory equipment has been implemented in manufacturing processes across Agriculture, Energy, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Metal Manufacturing, as well as Food Processing, and many other industries.

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