ONDO customer Otbrani saves 30% of water and increases crop yield with 20% thanks to ONDO

ONDO has announced the results achieved by yet another customer using ONDO precision irrigation and fertigation solutions.

ONDO has announced the results achieved by yet another customer using ONDO precision irrigation and fertigation solutions.

The berry farm Otbrani is a Bulgaria-based farm owning 90 ha of open fields and growing a rich variety of berries. The farm supplies major online and offline stores across the country.

Throughout the recent years the farm has been faced with irregular water supply, growing need for optimizing human labour usage and increasing customer expectations for a cleaner produce. The farm had installed advanced irrigation equipment on the farm, but occasional issues with it had to be constantly monitored since those could be fatal for the crop.

Otbrani turned to ONDO for a solution for automated irrigation and fertigation that would ensure fast, easy and precise management and control of those 2 processes. The solution was required to send notifications for every issue in the systems for irrigation and fertigation, so the tech team could react and resume the normal functioning of the equipment.

After the integration of ONDO LITE, Otbrani could ensure that the plants were getting just the right amount of water and nutrients. Precision irrigation and fertigation helped reduce water consumption with 30% and fertilizer use with 20%. The plants had their precise needs taken care of, and gave back by increasing the yield with 20%!

The farm staff confirmed that the management of the irrigation and fertigation with ONDO was done much faster compared to their previous, manual type of management and control. Even though issues with the irrigation could not be avoided, the reaction time to those was reduced 3x times, thanks to the timely alarms sent by ONDO.

"Even though we've been using ONDO for a fairly short time, every day we become more and more convinced that we've made the right choice. With ONDO everything happens in a very easy and fast manner, we save water resources and expenses, which is extremely important for us." - said Nayden Petrov, owner of Otbrani farm.

"We are glad that ONDO is helping Otbrani to boost their yield and ensure sustainable farming in times when climate changes are already severely affecting the agricultural produce" - said Ivaylo Enev, CPO at ONDO.

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ONDO (ondo.io) offers an innovative, digitally-controlled precision agriculture system for automated drip irrigation management and control, precise plant nutrition and climate control for various crops. ONDO can be used in greenhouses, orchards, vineyards or on the open fields, saving up to 85% of water, up to 50% of energy and up to 60% of losses caused by human error.

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