Thrive Agritech Receives High Volume Order from Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Native Roots chooses Thrive lights due to superior growth and fast ROI

Thrive Agritech, Inc., leader in LED horticulture lighting, announced today that it has received orders from Native Roots Cannabis Co. for more than 1,500 of its high-performance LED light fixtures. Thrive Agritech's Infinity 2.0 LED lights were installed in multi-tier vegetative cannabis racks throughout Native Roots' Denver facility.

Native Roots is one of Colorado's premier cannabis producers. According to Jason MacDonald, Director of Cultivation at Native Roots, "After rigorous testing and analysis, we chose Thrive Agritech for several reasons. The lights provided outstanding plant growth, morphology, quality, and yield. Our annual energy savings is estimated to be over 1.8 million kWh. Native Roots is committed to implementing sustainable business solutions that enhance our cultivation methods, provide cost savings, and reduce our environmental impact." MacDonald stated other reasons for buying Thrive Agritech lights including ease of installation, seamless end-to-end connections, and water and dust resistance (IP66) that make the lights simple to clean and maintain.

Thrive Agritech CEO, Brian Bennett, added, "We are excited with the results our technology is providing to Native Roots, from a plant growth, cost savings, and sustainability perspective. Not only did the generous rebate help make the project a reality for Native Roots, but they will be seeing much smaller electric bills every month thanks to the efficiency of our lights. We look forward to supporting Native Roots with our leading-edge LED technology for years to come."

About Thrive Agritech

Thrive Agritech was founded at the Y Combinator accelerator in Silicon Valley, with a mission to enhance sustainability for controlled environment agriculture. The company's energy efficient lighting products have made significant reductions in the carbon footprint from older lighting technologies. All Thrive Agritech products have an optimized horticulture light spectrum, high reliability, and most importantly grow great plants. For more information, visit

About Native Roots Cannabis Co.

Native Roots Cannabis Co. is one of Colorado's most successful vertically integrated medical and adult-use cannabis operators. Native Roots has 20 dispensary locations across Colorado, serving thousands of adult consumers every day and the state's largest number of registered patient members. With over a decade of experience in providing cannabis to patients and adult consumers, Native Roots has won national recognition for its sustainable business practices, retail design, high quality products, and employment practices. For more information, visit

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