niolabs Partners with UC Davis to Advance Precision Agriculture

Pioneering edge computing software company and world-renowned agriculture college collaborate to deliver globally scalable technology innovation.

niolabs, a leading edge computing software company, is pleased to announce that it is entering into a progressive partnership with the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The design of this partnership combines niolabs' patented technology with the globally eminent UC Davis agriculture and environmental domain knowledge.

The partnership intends to immediately implement the nio Platform at the Oakville Experiment Station in Napa Valley, California. The director and UC Davis' partnership lead, Professor Kaan Kurtural Ph.D. offers, "We anticipate accelerating our research and creating market-ready sustainable farming solutions that lower cost and improve yield and quality that are scaleable. Our expertise in viticulture will be aided by edge-computing and machine learning to marry plant physiology and sensor technology. Imagine it as a Lego building set in which the grower is able to add or remove components to a smart vineyard or orchard plantation system."

"The agriculture industry as a whole acknowledges the global challenges of feeding more people and lowering the impact on precious environmental resources. Combining our technology with a world-leading college makes addressing sustainable agriculture far less daunting of a challenge. We're honored to partner with UC Davis." - Doug Standley, CEO niolabs

The partnership intends to extend its efforts to the global agriculture academic, farming, and technology community while also building an inclusive solution ecosystem collaboration and sponsorship operating model.

About niolabs
Based in Broomfield, CO, niolabs is at the forefront of IoT and distributed computing. They've created the innovative nio Platform—a highly-scalable stream processing engine and supporting toolset that allows users to design, build, deploy, and monitor distributed systems that unlock digital transformation.

About the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
The mission of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is to promote agricultural, environmental, and social sustainability through research, teaching, and public engagement to meet the challenges of the global change in the 21st century.

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