Cannabis Producer Chooses VividGro GroBar™ Following Competitor Testing

Grower cites improved output, stability through seedling and vegetative growth stages and superior internodal spacing.

After running focused trials to compare the performance of four major competitors, Sam Hachey, co-owner of Tanana Herb Co. in Fairbanks, Alaska, has selected VividGro's GroBars™ as his sole lighting solution. Central to Hachey's decision was the ability to use the same bulbs from crack seedlings through the end of the vegetative state. In addition, Hachey found that his plants experienced no shock or bleaching at the flowering stage because GroBars do not emit as much heat as HPS lamps. The 3-inch bulb spacing provided even light distribution over the canopy, resulting in improved stacking and tight internodal spacing for ideal flowering habits.

Three years ago, Sam and his brother left the lower 48 to pursue their passion for cannabis cultivation in Alaska. "This is a way of life for us," Sam said. "It's not just a product or a revenue stream. I have seen the impact that high-quality cannabis and cannabis products can have on people battling serious illnesses. We do this with our blood, sweat and tears, because it helps real people live healthy lives." As the largest indoor cannabis grow facility in the state, Hachey looks forward to completing the transition to GroBar luminaires by the end of the year.

About VividGro

VividGro is a pioneer in the AgTech space. Tailored to support the automation and efficiency needs of the indoor agriculture and horticultural markets, VividGro implements solutions that help growers maximize yields and reduce costs. The state-of-the-art, customized lighting product line delivers optimized PAR to maximize plant growth and PAR efficacy. Our control automation systems and data collection strategies are able to measure and modify growing to help growers learn how to use their resources more efficiently. It is not the lights you use; it is how you use them. Learn more at

About Tanana Herb Co

Tanana Herb Co is an independent cannabis cultivator in Fairbanks, Alaska that is focused on quality and variety. The family owned and operated farm aims to deliver desirable outcomes, such as relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia and suppressed appetite. Learn more at

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