Discover how Monarch Tractor has revolutionized the agricultural sector, improving productivity, efficiency, and safety by harnessing the power of Stereolabs solutions.

Monarch Tractor Leverages Stereolabs Technology for Safe Farming Operations
Monarch Tractor Leverages Stereolabs Technology for Safe Farming Operations

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Monarch Tractor is a pioneering company that combines sustainable autonomous farming technologies and advanced data analytics to create next-generation agricultural equipment. Their innovative electric tractors empower farmers with intelligent farming capabilities, allowing for precise and efficient operations while minimizing environmental impact.

ZED 2i camera installed on Mark-V Tractor; the most advanced autonomous tractor

Stereolabs’ ZED 2i camera installed on Monarch Tractor’s Mark-V


The Challenge: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Agriculture

As Monarch Tractor aimed to develop autonomous tractors, they faced the challenge of ensuring the highest levels of reliability and productivity in agricultural operations. They recognized the need for advanced vision systems that could accurately perceive depth, navigate challenging environments, and avoid obstacles. To address these challenges, they turned to Stereolabs and their expertise in 3D vision technology.

The MK-V, the most advanced autonomous tractor can function day and night

Monarch Tractor autonomously spraying at dusk


Stereolabs: Unleashing the Power of Depth Perception and AI

Stereolabs, renowned for their powerful ZED stereo cameras and robust AI technology, has enabled machines to perceive depth and avoid obstacles reliably. ZED cameras and SDK rise up as the perfect match for challenging agricultural environments where traditional camera systems often fail. Surely the dust, varying light conditions, vibrations, and changeable weather that characterize farm fields are no trouble for the ZED stereo cameras. These AI-powered cameras are designed to handle a broad range of environmental challenges, ensuring safe operation even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Monarch Tractor autonomously spraying thanks to the ZED camera integrated in its roof


Integrating Stereolabs’ Technology: A Game-Changer for Monarch Tractor

By incorporating Stereolabs’ camera-based AI into their innovative electric tractors, Monarch Tractor has been able to enhance safety measures significantly. Through the ZED stereo cameras, Monarch Tractor is now able to perceive depth, much like human vision. This provides the tractors with an unprecedented level of understanding of the environment, increasing the safety of the machinery itself, as well as the operators and surrounding infrastructure.

Human gesture recognition in front of an advanced autonomous tractor

Monarch Tractor was able to replace LiDARs with a full camera-based solution, significantly reducing costs while increasing pixel density. Each tractor is equipped with two ZED 2i cameras, making it not only cost-effective but also efficient in detecting obstacles and recognizing human gestures.

The technology behind this impressive capability includes Stereolabs’ SDK 3D modules such as Neural Depth Mode, VSLAM, Object Detection and Body Tracking. Furthermore, Stereolabs’ technology is coupled with GPS and RTK correction, allowing Monarch Tractor to achieve an unparalleled precision down to 2 cm of accuracy. This high level of precision is crucial in many farming tasks, ensuring maximum yield in every operation.



The Outcome: Revolutionizing Agricultural Operations

Thanks to Stereolabs’ robust Vision-based AI technology, Monarch Tractor has transformed the traditional farming landscape. By implementing this intelligent solution, the company has not only increased the safety of its operations but also optimized efficiency and productivity.

“Stereolabs has enabled us to do the best product in the world in our level from a vision perspective and beyond.”
Carlo Mondavi, Co-Founder and Chief Farming Officer

Data captured by the data installed on the autonomous tractors are sent to the farmers

All data collected by the ZED Cameras feed insights sent to the farmers


All data collected by Stereolabs’ ZED Cameras is able to feed insights sent to farmers so that they can intelligently manage their farm. With the ZED, Monarch Tractor is the bridge between what farming practices are like today and new systems that can help improve farm profitability and sustainability.

Discover Tractor advanced autonomous tractor, the MK-V


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