The facility is the first ever to deploy EwE™ technology that brings the highest quality, most consistent and customizable cannabis crops to brands, academic and research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and the nutraceutical industry.

PharmCloud™ Introduces World's First "Grow as a Service™" Precision Cannabis Operation in Oklahoma, USA

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PharmCloud™ today formally introduced their commercial state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility which leverages the most advanced and automated horticulture technologies and science to deliver consistently pure, customizable cannabis crops, available in small to large quantities for a variety of applications.

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma with an amazing support of local investors, PharmCloud's premise includes propagation lab, vertical cultivation space, automated precision horticulture capabilities, sensor-based closed-loop management, and more. With a fundamental commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), the company is bringing clean, green and high tech job opportunities to the community, as "Cloud One," the first in a planned series of similar facilities in the US and globally.

The company also launched the world's first "Grow as a Service™" offering, which gives cannabis consumer brands, academic and pharmaceutical researchers, and supplement, food, and beverages companies in the nutraceutical industry access to their own bespoke crops, which are cultivated, grown, and harvested within the PharmCloud operation.

"We are applying industry 4.0 revolution technologies to the global cannabis industry using automated and autonomous cultivation techniques," said Dr. Yaron Penn, Co-Founder and Board member, PharmCloud. "Our proprietary technology includes full stack edge computing that is connected to dozens of sensors that control small or large batches of uniquely grown plants within a closed loop vertical farming operation. This enables consistently superior cannabis with chemical profiles which our AI platform monitors and controls 24/7."

Led by a team of highly experienced horticulture experts and cannabis researchers and scientists, PharmCloud believes diversity is the key to perfection.

"Every human being is unique, born with different genetics, in different locations, with different ethnic origins," Dr. Penn said. More people are adopting personalized diets and lifestyles and choosing different medical options.  The same goes for cannabis plants and the broad repertoire of genotypes, phenotypes, and phytochemical profiles."

For purveyors of cannabis products to consumers, PharmCloud brings unique blends to the market with premium aroma and experiences. Brands can market uniquely packaged products to attract consumers just as fashion, cosmetics, food, supplements, whisky, wine, and cigar brands do.

PharmCloud ensures the purest, safest, and most effective  cannabis crops grown for medical and recreational use and is working with their beta customers to develop their own range of cannabis products, "Tailored by Experience™."

PharmCloud is the first company in the world to promise and deliver consistent quality, aroma, and experience for consumers in every state, making it possible for brands to expand, knowing all requirements are met through their GaaS™ system.

Only PharmCloud can simultaneously customize, manufacture, and supply dozens of consistent, repeatable, and fully traceable small batches of different strains, which has been found to be extremely valuable to Medical Cannabis developers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Rooted in academia and pharma, PharmCloud was built from the top-down to comply with the requirements necessary for clinical trials and disease or patient personalization. The first facility in Tulsa is driven to become the first FDA\GMP grow facility in the US.  The disruptive technology which drives PharmCloud facility enables the company to offer an endless variety of profiles in consistent, repeatable, safe, "Beyond Organic" stable and traceable small batches.

PharmCloud provides the cleanest, most consistent cannabis as an ingredient for nutraceutical companies who are creating supplements including cannabis, food that includes cannabis, and beverages infused with cannabis. Rather than having to build their own labs and facilities, nutraceutical brands count on PharmCloud's GaaS to power up new products, and to accelerate time to market for those products.

PharmCloud's first facility in the US uses no pesticides in their system because there is no need - not even pesticides that are allowed and organic.

By leveraging automated monitoring using hundreds of sensors that track everything from moisture to nutrients and can predict when plants are ready for harvesting and drying, we are able to offer the world's first personalized, pure, chemical-free, consumer grow service for legal recreational and medical cannabis users.

David Lechner, Director of Operations and Safety said "Our state-of-the-art facility upholds the ultimate in security standards, both outside and inside the location, and our commitment to the highest standards for cleanliness and worker safety is unmatched in the cannabis cultivation industry."

"Whether you are seeking one artisanal quality, flavor, and experience for your product, or you wish to offer a range of completely unique and 100% pure and consistent cannabis-based products, PharmCloud's operation can help you develop and grow your own," Dr. Penn said.  "Our operation is carbon-neutral, sustainably operated, and run with expertise, transparency at all levels, and exclusive analytic methods. We provide consistently superior quality control and assurance, and a new level of partnership with our customers who have been instrumental in the development of our mission and roadmap."

Continuous research and development efforts are focused on PharmCloud's goal to deliver universal, predictable, and profitable crops, enhanced through sensors and software systems which include artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous actions, and natural genetic reproduction.

Massive amounts of valuable data generated by every implementation, including a range of very small sensors, are processed at the edge, then routed to applications generating operational information, alerts, notifications, and real-time visual images.

PharmCloud has partnered with Hortica cloud and has adopted the Hortica Environment Within an Environment (EwE)™ cultivation system which includes AI and automation and is the most advanced in the precision cultivation industry.





About PharmCloud, Leading the Cannabis Industry 4.0 Movement

PharmCloud™ is a next-generation indoor cultivation platform that provides a variety of consistent, high-quality with a zero pesticide, pharmaceutical grade cannabis products. We are the first company in the world able to provide small or large quantity lots of cannabis for either research or established brands by its on-demand or Grow as a Service™ (GaaS™) model. We can do this given the strength of our technology program, which makes it cost-effective to cultivate and harvest many different strains in precisely the way that meets our customers' needs. A pioneer in Cannabis Industry 4.0 innovation, we plan to receive FDA approval for food products in mid-2023.


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