The purpose of using heat specifically in the root zone of cuttings is to induce dormancy in the upper vegetative part and to encourage root growth at the base. The temperature difference between soil and air gives the plant a boost for root formation..

Propagation of Cuttings Using Eh-powerground Electric Heating Mats
Propagation of Cuttings Using Eh-powerground Electric Heating Mats

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Electric heating mats are used to increase the rooting and germination rate of cuttings. They are manufactured specifically for this purpose and made in sizes to suit new or existing growing beds.

The purpose of using heat specifically in the root zone of cuttings is to induce dormancy in the upper vegetative part and to encourage root growth at the base. The temperature difference between soil and air gives the plant a boost for root formation rather than stimulating new leaf growth.

Typical air heating brings the heat to the top of the greenhouse and the temperature decreases as you get lower and closer to the ground, which certainly does not optimise resources and reduce costs. Excessive air heat can also cause the leaf part to dry out before roots form.

Basal heating reduces the rate of energy consumption and improves agronomic conditions: heating mats, which provide the right temperature only where it is needed, concentrating the heat in a height of 10-30 cm, allow maximum results without having to heat the entire volume of the greenhouses, with a significant reduction in heating consumption.

The ideal average soil temperature for rooting many types of cuttings is between 20 and 24 degrees, temperatures below 14 and above 27 can lead to the formation and proliferation of pathogens.

EH-POWERGROUND mats are made of a patented heating fabric, an insulating layer and embedded inside technical PVC container bags. This special PVC makes our products robust, completely waterproof and resistant to fertilisers.


The advantages of heating the root zone for propagation of cuttings by means of EH-POWERGROUND electric heating mats

  1. These mats allow cuttings to be prepared at will. They can be used directly under trays of cuttings or under a layer of perlite or agri-perlite for direct rooting.
  2. The system is easy to install and does not require modifications to existing structures or technicians for installation.
  3. The system is safe and requires no technical training.
  4. The product is highly controllable, allowing you to set the ideal temperature for propagating cuttings: this provides the ideal microclimate on the rooting tables.
  5. The system provides even heat distribution to the young seedlings, allowing uniform growth and development of the crop.
  6. The product allows a considerable reduction in energy consumption, thanks to the thick thermal insulation inside the heating mats.
  7. The system also allows different temperatures to be set per pallet. The EH-POWERGROUND heating mats can be controlled by thermostat in groups or individually, or simply switched off at will when not in use.
  8. The system allows a reduction in the use of rooting hormones.
  9. The mats are highly resistant to wear, water and fertilisers thanks to the patented heating fabric and the technical outer coating.
  10. Installations are scalable; no large investment is required to get started.


EH-POWERGROUND heating mats for professional and successful cuttings

The heating mats are specially manufactured for this purpose and are made in sizes to fit the cultivation beds, the result is excellent and their use is simple:

  1. Place the trays of cuttings on top of the mats or spreads a layer of perlite into which the cuttings are directly inserted.
  2. Place the temperature probe in the soil or inside the special slot in the heating mat.
  3. The most suitable temperature for the type of cuttings is set.
  4. The right amount of watering is given to the cuttings to maintain the right level of moisture in the soil.

Ideal and constant temperature levels in the substrate keep both the biological elements and the roots in a stress-free condition and enable the cuttings to achieve the desired results, in other words, they facilitate and shorten the growth time, improve plant reproduction and significantly increase the take-up rate.

For hard-to-root species and others, basal heat can make the difference between success and failure; it is important to maintain constant temperatures for 24 hours a day.



It is every nurseryman’s wish to have ‘beautiful’, uniform and faster-growing cuttings: to achieve this, basal heating is the way to go.

The use of EH-POWERGROUND electric heating mats accelerates the speed of germination and promotes the development process, achieving the goal that every professional wants.


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