At the FSR, research scientists, academia and industry come together to impart their knowledge with people all over Ohio, across the country and around the world. The object of the show is to create a more sustainable world.

Visit the Farm Science Review Trade Show
Visit the Farm Science Review Trade Show

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The Farm Science Review is the annual agricultural trade show hosted by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State. The three-day event is being held at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center near London, Ohio on September 17–19.

At the FSR, research scientists, academia and industry come together to impart their knowledge with people all over Ohio, across the country and around the world. The object of the show is to create a more sustainable world, a more supportable food supply and a cleaner, more productive environment. Exhibitors and attendees come together to achieving these goals, which are challenging.

130,000 visitors from all over the world come for three days to check out 4,000 product lines from 700 commercial exhibitors, while learning the latest in agricultural production. Ohio State and Purdue specialists put on programs, which are second to none in the agricultural exhibition world.

Visitors and exhibitors can experience all aspects of agriculture production in the 80-acre exhibit area. Inside the exhibit area, visitors can find static displays, while outside, there are over 600 acres of land for field demonstrations such as corn and soybean combines, tillage, nutrient and lime applications, and drainage installations.

For the past four years, the Ohio State University’s Precision Agriculture program has shown smart planting using GPS and multiple corn hybrids. This year, the team brings the Ohio State Marching Band’s famous Script Ohio to a soybean field.

The demonstration of precision agriculture shows how a traditional farmer can be a smart planter. Using a map with GPS coordinates, farmers can control the plant population. By using GPS coordinates, a grower can program their planter to dispense less seed to an area with rocky terrain, which has an expected lower yield, and more seed to an area rich in organic matter where higher plant populations will improve productivity.

Today, farmers have many challenges such as delays in planting, low commodity prices, and declining amounts of hay to feed farm animals. FSR will provide advice on dealing with those and other obstacles, plus present the latest in farm technology and products.

The Gwynne Conservation Area is used all year for educational programs put on by government agencies and natural resource related organizations. Theme areas will contain displays and a wealth of information on forestry and wildlife, grasslands, aquatics, watersheds, and soils. Visitors can ask experts questions about their natural resource and conservation. The School of Environment & Natural Resources will have an area for students to investigate careers in natural resources.

The Gwynne Conservation Area expects more than 4500 visitors during the 3 days looking for information from vendors of conservation-oriented products and services on the installation of conservation practices, including grassland cover, forestry and pond management. 

One of the major exhibitors at the show is John Deere (Booth 173) they will be featuring all-terrain vehicles, combines, harvesters, drills, planters & seeders, forage and hay equipment, precision Ag equipment, guidance systems, GPS, monitors, sprayers, storage tanks, tillage equipment, tractors & accessories.

Case IH (Booth 263) will be showing off their combines, harvesters, earth moving equipment, along with livestock, forage, and hay equipment. They will also demo precision Ag equipment, guidance, and GPS systems along with tractors, mowers, sprayers and tillage equipment. 

Bush Hog Inc (Booth 230) is the leading North American manufacturer of rotary cutters, finishing mowers, landscape tools, and tractor-mounted implements used in the agricultural market. Bush Hog’s rotary cutters and other product lines are assembled using both robotic and well-trained hand welders.

LG Seeds (Booth 488) works with farmers to maximize their ROI across their operation. With leading-edge genetics backed by extensive research, only top-performing hybrids reach the field. Their commitment is to deliver the best seed for a soil type.

Brock Grain Systems (Booth 638) helps maximize the marketing value of a farmer’s grain with BROCK SOLID® Systems and solutions for grain storage, handling, conditioning and structures.

The industry leader in farm and Ag buildings is Morton Buildings (Booth 516). They sell, manufacture and construct high-quality post-frame projects utilizing their design-build process using their own highly-skilled construction crews.

If you need fertilizer, fertilizer application equipment, lime spreaders, lime products & soil additives, you might check out Fertilizer Dealer Supply Inc (Booth 668). They sell manure handling equipment, manure spreaders, sprayers, storage tanks & accessories.

Moritz International Inc (booth 41) operates out of a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility, building livestock trailers, dump trailers, truck bodies, equipment trailers and flatbed trailers.

Green Field Ag LLC (booth 393) is an elite group of precision ag specialists that focuses directly on providing solutions to a farm’s guidance, drainage, flow and application control. They were the first to invest in the yield monitor pioneered by Ag Leader Technology as well as one of the first in Northwest Ohio selling and more importantly servicing auto-steer technology in agriculture.

Carter Lumber (Booth 237) saw sales reach over $1 billion, making it the nation’s fifth largest lumber and building materials supplier. The company has 142 locations across 12 states in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast, employing over 3,100 people.

Tarps, tarps and more tarps. . . lumber, steel, machinery, smoke, coil and specialty tarps. All made by Tarp Stop (Booth 937). Their Fastrak® II is the newest and most thoroughly engineered Rolling Tarp System on the market today.

Gensco Tire, the original thorn proof AG tire (Booth 38), has provided tire solutions to the Agricultural, Industrial, and Marine Industries for over 60 years. They sell recycled aircraft tires and ready to bolt on wheel assemblies for use on agricultural equipment such as tractors, mowers, cutters and shredders, grain carts and wagons, backhoes, skid steers, scrapers, forklifts, and other construction or industrial applications. Aircraft tires offer true plies "bead to bead" and come in ply ratings that double, triple or even quadruple standard conventional ply ratings.

The Martin-Till Planting System (Booth 137) has proven itself in no-till and minimum-till fields around the world, saving farmers time, trouble and money while maximizing seed emergence, stand development and yields. Residue clearing wheels and side treader wheels clean crop residue, dirt clods and other obstacles from the row. The exclusive Martin-Till Smart Clean Row Cleaner Adjustment System combines a Bluetooth connection with an easy-to-use mobile app to allow the operator to raise and lower floating row units on the go by varying the amount of air pressure in the cylinders.

These are just a few of the professional companies exhibiting. Check out the other exhibitors here.

There’s no doubt about it—all farms large or small that wish to search for ways to improve their operations should visit Farm Science Review.  If you are in the agriculture business, this show is for you.  



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