Available in both liquid and granular forms, Hydretains' revolutionary chemistry converts soil moisture back into a liquid form, efficiently transferring it to plant roots.

Water Conservation Game Changer
Water Conservation Game Changer

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During the summer months, many municipalities across the country enforce severe watering restrictions, and in many drought ridden areas, all out water bans. Arborjet Inc. an industry leader in plant health care hopes to mitigate this problem.

Arborjet recently acquired a majority interest in Ecologel Solutions LLC, a developer and manufacturer of innovative products for water conservation and plant nutrition. One of their premier products is Hydretain®, which is a revolutionary soil moisture management technology. Hydretain®  is designed to drastically reduce watering requirements of turfgrasses, tress, shrubs, flowers, indoor and outdoor plants and agriculture. According to Rick Irwin President of Ecolgel LLC, "Major university studies and greencare professionals from around the world continue to tout the benefits of Hydretain® and its unique ability to reduce watering requirements by as much as 50% or more!"

Hydretain® is made from a proprietary blend of hygroscopic humectant compounds that attract moisture vapor from the air acting like tiny water magnets. This vapor would otherwise be unusable by plants and eventually lost to evaporation. Available in both liquid and granular forms, Hydretains' revolutionary chemistry converts soil moisture back into a liquid form, efficiently transferring it to plant roots. Through this simple mechanism, Hydretain® not only helps keep plants clear of daily wilt cycles and drought, but also contributes to more complete usage of water applied by rainfall and irrigation. This all translates into water conservation, reduced costs and labor, and healthier, more vigorous greenery.

Untreated lawn

Lawn treated with *Hydretain®*

"Surveys have revealed that the cost of water has risen by 25 to 30 percent in many municipalities, with increases reaching as high as 300 percent or more in some regions. These cost increases have caused many property owners to reconsider watering lawns and landscapes when seasonal dry periods occur.  Whether working on commercial or residential properties, finding ways to manage water is important to everyone and it makes economic sense," states Jim Spindler Director of Agronomy for Ecologel Solutions, LLC.

Additionally, by managing soil moisture between watering cycles and/or rainfall, Hydretain® reduces drought stress, and provides many other benefits such as, increased seed germination, enhanced nutrient and pesticide efficiency, sod establishment, extended flower life and maximized crop production. Hydretain® is produced using primarily organic based hygroscopic and humectant ingredients. It is safe to use on commercially grown food as well as residential vegetable and herb gardens, school, sports and playing fields, and golf courses. Each application of Hydretain® lasts for up to three months.

"We are particularly excited to expand Hydretain's reach into to the horticultural and agriculture industries to reduce water usage around the world," said Arborjet COO Russ Davis. "This product is a real game changer as far as conserving water, while reducing costs and providing excellent results," adds Irwin.


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