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Fluence Bioengineering Launches New Vertical Farming Lighting Solutions

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Fluence Bioengineering, Inc. (“Fluence”) today launched three new horticulture lighting solutions designed for the world’s largest vertical farms. With a sleek form-factor, broad-spectrum, optimized light intensity, and world-class energy efficiency, the new Fluence RAZR Series is built for a wide range of vertical farming applications from full-cycle cultivation of leafy greens and microgreens, to young plant propagation of vegetable, ornamental and cannabis crops.

“The new Fluence RAZR solutions are purpose-built to address the unique challenges and opportunities associated with vertical farming,” said Randy Johnson, Co-Founder and CTO at Fluence Bioengineering. “Every design consideration that went into the new RAZR Series, from the thin form-factor to modular daisy-chain configuration, is predicated on increasing our vertical farming customers’ outputs while reducing their inputs.”


Dense Vertical Farming

With a 1.5-inch thin form-factor, and a mounting height as close as five inches from the plant canopy, the Fluence RAZR Series delivers uniform photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) for maximum space-use efficiency and yield per square foot. With the ability to stack vertically in carts and shelving, or daisy-chain horizontally across racks and rolling tables, the new Fluence RAZR Series is built for quick and easy deployment to reduce installation time and material costs thanks to a one-to-many design which connects up to ten lighting modules to one power supply.

The RAZR4 Array is ideal for full-cycle leafy green, basil, strawberry and culinary herb production as well as early-stage vegetative growth for vegetables, ornamentals and cannabis cultivation with an average PPFD up to 375 µmol/m2/s over a 2-foot by 4-foot canopy with a 5-inch mounting height above the plant canopy. The RAZR4 Array includes five lighting modules, and covers 40 square-feet of canopy.

The RAZR3 Array is ideal for full-cycle leafy green and microgreen production as well as 
propagation of vegetable, ornamental and cannabis crops with an average PPFD up to 260 µmol/m2/s over a 2-foot by 4-foot area with an 8-inch mounting height above canopy. The RAZR3 Array includes seven lighting modules, and covers 56 square-feet of canopy.

The RAZR2 Array is ideal for tissue culture, seedlings and cutting/cloning propagation as well as ornamental plugs and starter pots with an average PPFD up to 160 µmol/m2/s over a 2-foot by 4-foot area with a 12-inch mounting height above canopy. The RAZR2 Array includes 10 lighting modules, and covers 80 square-feet of canopy.

Each RAZR lighting system is designed and built in Austin, Texas, USA with an anodized, extruded aluminum alloy chassis and integrated passive heatsink for natural convective thermal management (zero moving parts), and is ETL wet location rated to withstand the harshest of growing environments.

The new RAZR Series is available now. To learn more, visit


Proven Results in Vertical Farms

Edenworks is moving leafy green and microgreen production closer to consumption with their Brooklyn-based aquaponics vertical farm. Edenworks conducted a trial of several LED vendors, ultimately installing the latest Fluence RAZR3 system which enables Edenworks to add more layers of production per square foot while increasing plant quality and decreasing operating costs. To learn more, visit

“Vertical farming allows us to deliver the highest quality product possible at the lowest cost possible,” said Ben Silverman, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Edenworks. “The Fluence RAZR system not only creates an environment for improved growth and development of our microgreens, but allows us to run a commercial-scale vertical farm at a lower operating cost.”

Farm.One grows hundreds of rare crop varieties for New York City’s finest restaurants out of their downtown Manhattan vertical farm. With a continual focus on improving plant flavor, texture and color, Farm.One tested numerous LED lights culminating in their decision to deploy Fluence RAZR solutions after seeing higher quality and yields. To learn more, visit

“We are constantly evaluating new forms of ag-tech to improve the production and bottom-line of our vertical farm,” said Robert Laing, CEO at Farm.One. “The Fluence RAZR system achieves both with a thin, easy-to-install form-factor which allows us to grow more product per square inch, and optimal light intensity, uniformity and spectrum to cultivate a high-quality crop that exceeds our customers’ expectations.”




About Fluence Bioengineering 
Fluence Bioengineering is a photobiology design company exploring physiological plant development under various levels of photosynthetically active radiation and custom spectra. The company partners with leading research institutions to engineer the most powerful and efficient horticulture lighting solutions for both science and commercial applications. All Fluence systems are designed and built in Austin, TX.




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