Q&A with Dachnika Aquaponics

Tell us about Dachnika Aquaponics and its mission

Over the past decade; the Dachnik Aquaponics team has been working passionately in order to solve the many problems commercial aquaponics farms experience that prevent sustainability.

Maximum yield, scalability & low operating costs are only a few of the challenges our systems have resolved. The design is an extremely efficient bio-filter and no external waste collection equipment is needed.

Since 2012, we’ve invested endless hours and dollars in research & development; refining the system, parts, design and business plan over and over again in order to solve each and every issue we encountered along the way, as well as solving the key roadblocks that were preventing Aquaponics from being viable on a commercial scale.


Tell us about your product and what you feel sets it apart from similar products

Key problems solved using our vertical tower design:

  • Properly managing the fish waste, by having enough media bed and surface area to properly and naturally filtrate the water.
  • Being able to grow enough produce, fish and crustaceans per SqFt to be profitable and self-sustainable. For example, our 8-cell commercial farm utilizes only a 2,000 SqFt footprint; and can harvest up to 10,880 plants per month, 10,000 lbs of fish per year, as well up to 1,200 lbs of crustaceans per year and is built to be easily scalable.
  • The design and growing process greatly limits labor and energy costs, requires less space, and is mostly automated.
  • This is the only design that mimics the elements of soil and mother nature as closely as possible. Creating an easy to manage self-sustaining system that produces the best tasting and healthiest produce possible.

Tell us about the R&D behind this product.  Who is this product designed for?  What problem is it solving? 


We work to create an environment that works as close to nature as possible. We have designed a process that captures and utilizes excess waste and by products. Our products are designed for small home farms to large commercial facilities. Aquaponics is inherently climate smart by saving over 90% water and creates its own fertilizer along with tasty protein in the same footprint.


Give us an idea on the installation process.

Our design can fit into any number of different varieties of buildings. We have a hybrid aquaculture building and greenhouse design by clearspan that goes from 5,000 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft. We also are in the process of building an all in one container design that is plug and play.


How is your company setup to support the users of your products.

We are still in the growth stage, our plan is to scale our support dept as we grow,



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