Upward Farms Announces Rebrand from Seed & Roe and Plans to Open a New Headquarter Farm in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Upward Farms, the aquaponics operation revolutionizing indoor farming by creating complete ecosystems and cultivating a robust microbiome, today announced growth plans including a rebrand from Seed & Roe and construction of a new headquarter farm in Brooklyn that will significantly increase production. These announcements come following the company closing more than $15 million in new funding, including investment led by Prime Movers Lab.


A look inside the new Upward Farms headquarters, an indoor aquaponic ecosystem growing leafy greens and fish. The new Brooklyn facility is on track to open in 2020 and will increase production by 20x over the original facility.


The coronavirus pandemic is significantly increasing consumer demand for organic, sustainable food, indicating heightened awareness for healthy, nutritious eating.1 Fresh produce sales have remained elevated during the pandemic period, with produce sales showing sustained double-digit, year-over-year growth March through June 2020.2 As consumers continue to gravitate toward fresh, organic produce and purchase more groceries online, Upward Farms offers consistent product availability and quality, scalability, and a shortened supply chain for East Coasters to receive locally grown greens.

Upward Farms' breakthrough approach to indoor aquaponics, using fish to fertilize crops in a complete ecosystem, results in increased yields, more control in disease prevention, and unprecedented food safety. This approach reconnects eaters with flavorful and nutritious local food, rather than relying on long haul distribution systems and imported food.

"By cultivating complete ecosystems with a strong microbiome and leveraging the precision and control of indoor agriculture, Upward Farms not only grows thriving plants and animals, but offers the potential for a sustainable food supply that is both scalable and safe," said Jason Green, Upward Farms Cofounder and CEO. "With the support of this capital investment, we will continue to expand the marriage of nature and nurture to produce affordable greens in abundance and make them accessible. Everyone should be able to easily and affordably nourish their body, family, and the planet."

"As a leading investor in breakthrough scientific companies, we are honored to join Upward Farms' journey to transform billions of lives through next-level nutrition, safety, and deliciousness," said Suzanne Fletcher, General Partner at Prime Movers Lab and now a member of the Board of Directors at Upward Farms.

Previously known as Edenworks and then Seed & Roe, the company has raised more than $20 million in total funding to date to provide a sustainable source of greens and fish for consumers. The new Upward Farms name and brand is an expression of the company's mission to heal the broken food system. It also aligns with the company's plans for expansion, including the opening of additional farms and broadening of its product portfolio for both retail and foodservice. The look for the redesigned logo, new product packaging and digital presence represent Upward Farms' fresh, clean greens and forward-thinking approach.

In late 2020, Upward Farms plans to unveil a brand new company headquarters in Brooklyn that will demonstrate and advance the company's next generation technology through both commercial production and research and development facilities. The new operation is expected to increase production of Upward Farms greens by 20 times over its original facility, also located in Brooklyn. The expansion will enable the brand to supply its washed and ready-to-eat salads to grocery stores across New York City.

Upward Farms' growing practices eliminate harmful bacteria like E. coli and other pathogens without the use of pesticides, antibiotics or synthetic fertilizers to produce the safest leafy greens on the market. Grown from Non-GMO seeds, Upward Farms leafy greens are pesticide free, washed, and ready to eat.

"Recent events have highlighted what we at Upward Farms already know -- biology has a lifeforce all its own that must be respected. That's why we are stewards of nature, learning from and building technology to enhance biology," shared Green.


Based in Brooklyn, Upward Farms was cofounded in 2013 by Jason Green, a neuroscientist and biotechnologist, Ben Silverman, a designer of high performance buildings, and Matthew La Rosa, an innovator in manufacturing and construction. Upward Farms'  breakthrough approach to indoor agriculture melds these diverse talents -- whole ecosystems that were a paradigm shift in productivity and scalability compared to status quo production methods dependent upon synthetic chemicals. Upward Farms -- then Edenworks -- initially launched in Brooklyn grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market. Reconnecting eaters with flavorful, nutritious, local food, the greens quickly earned consumer loyalty to become the salad category leader where sold. Upward Farms has attracted investors and top talent thanks to its 20-year vision to create a sustainable future for the food system by advancing the importance of the microbiome in both indoor and outdoor agriculture. Visit us at www.eatupwardfarms.com.


1 Katy Askew, "Organic Food's Coronavirus Boost." Food Navigator, May 6, 2020.
2 Ashley Nickle, "Father's Day weekend boosts produce sales growth past 15%," The Packer, June 30, 2020.

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