Plenty Chooses Los Angeles as Next Market for Flavor-Focused Vertical Farm

Plenty, the flavor-first vertical farming company with a mission to improve people and planetary health, today announced it will serve Southern California with its next farm. The farm, approximately the size of a soccer field, is planned to begin development in Compton later this year and bringing flavorful, ultra-clean produce to communities in late-2020.


"Plenty Los Angeles will introduce craveable produce to one of the most discerning food communities in the world, and we can't wait for residents to get to know us," said Matt Barnard, CEO and co-founder of Plenty. "In addition to bringing consistently amazing, clean produce to Southern California, Plenty looks forward to collaborating with the incredible community of Compton -- one with rich, agricultural roots. Working with this community to bring this farm to bear has been an experience nothing short of terrific, and we're eager to further the partnership."


"Utilizing local, flavorful, and high-quality ingredients has always been important to me, but especially now that we are being so much more careful about sourcing food that is not only good for our health, but good for the health of our environment," said Nancy Silverton, Los Angeles based chef, co-owner of the Mozza Restaurants and a member of Plenty's U.S. Culinary Advisory Board. "Knowing that Plenty is working to grow such clean, delicious produce, in a way that uses so little water and so sustainably, is what makes me excited about having a Plenty farm in LA."


Plenty Los Angeles is expected to create up to 50 new full-time jobs across a number of disciplines including growers, technicians and logistics and operations managers. Given the nature of indoor, vertical farming, jobs created will be high-quality, year-round, career-building positions.


Plenty grows delicious, pesticide-free produce and is building a global network of farms, starting on the West Coast. Designed for the best possible flavor while producing with extreme efficiency and cleanliness, Plenty farms exert absolute control over variables like climate and light, while using less than one percent of the land and less than five percent of the water compared to an outdoor farm. The company's South San Francisco farm is preparing to ramp in the Bay Area with product rolling out at retailers across the area.  Plenty greens taste like nothing available today because the flavor, texture and freshness are unique to the growing process. The taste-elevated products include greens like Starlight Kale, a velvety-soft baby kale highlighted by bright notes and a smooth finish and Velvet Spice Blend, a crunchy, colorful mix of bok choy and mizuna that brings a mustardy heat to the table. For more information on Plenty, products and availability visit


About Plenty
Plenty is here to change the way people eat, making extraordinary flavor and nutrition more available. We build farms that put flavor first, and we grow incredible yields while using less than five percent of the water and one percent of the land. Our fruits and vegetables are selected for their flavor and nutrition and are always pesticide-free, because of how and where we grow. Plenty recently debuted the world's most efficient leafy greens farm at its South San Francisco headquarters. We believe that by increasing availability to craveable fruits and vegetables, we can improve human and planetary health. 

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