Agrovision Enters Into Partnership with RipeLocker to Extend Freshness of Berries

Agrovision and RipeLocker will Co-Commercialize a New Patented Technology to Extend Shelf-Life and bring Fresher Berries to The Fruitist

LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2024 -- Agrovision, one of the world's fastest growing producers and year-round suppliers of premium superfruits including the leading The Fruitist brand, and the leading vertically integrated premium blueberry supplier, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Seattle-based RipeLocker, a science-based data driven company that provides the postharvest industry a new disruptive technology which extends the life of high-value crops and perishables.

Agrovision is the first global berry producer to employ the new technology which offers the first cost-effective, mass volume, postharvest storage solution tailormade for berries. RipeLocker's patented dynamic, low-atmosphere vacuum chambers put fruit to "sleep," delaying aging and decay, maintaining optimal freshness for up to 12 weeks without loss of quality - three times the norm. RipeLocker is also working with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service to optimize storage and disinfestation of perishables.

Leveraging Tech to Advance Consistent, Supply of Premium Berries to Global Consumers
RipeLocker's technology advances Agrovision's promise of a premium, higher quality superfruit supply, 52 weeks a year. At the retail level, consumers across the globe can expect a "better berry," with more aroma, crunch, flavor and higher nutritional value, indistinguishable from fresh-picked, while reducing shrink. Agrovision will incorporate the technology into its global market offerings including consumer-facing brand, The Fruitist, which offers new varietals of hand-picked berries grown on farms in unique microclimate terroirs around the globe.

"Agrovision is fully committed to reliably advancing the highest quality superfruits to consumers for healthier snacking 365 days a year, and we believe this partnership with RipeLocker will be a needle mover," said Agrovision Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman Steve Magami. "The implications of this advancement are far-reaching: we can ensure prolonged freshness, access more distant markets, and introduce high-flavor varietals previously limited by shorter shelf lives. This partnership is just one of the many that we have lined up to commercialize game changing technologies."

"RipeLocker collaborates with forward-thinking operators to overcome barriers and drive positive change in the industry. We are thrilled to provide Agrovision with a technology to enable differentiation of their ‘The Fruitist' brand with better tasting, more nutritious, and longer shelf-life fruit to the consumer," said RipeLocker CEO and Co-Founder George Lobisser. "This partnership perfectly aligns with our long-term vision to deploy groundbreaking technology with a vertically integrated organization that strives to integrate an innovative, game-changing technology into their operations and offer consumers superior quality fruit."

The Patented Technology Behind RipeLocker Chambers
RipeLocker chambers are a unique, patented technology that manages the pressure and gas composition (oxygen and CO2) within their chambers to extend the life of fresh produce, flowers, and tree nuts. Based on the specific needs of each type of perishable, RipeLocker tailors operating parameters, such as internal pressure, oxygen, and CO2 levels, to optimize longevity and freshness. The system continuously reports operating data, enabling real-time decision-making

RipeLocker designed its pallet-sized chambers to be easily deployed and used in the existing cold chain. Produced using novel materials and highly scalable manufacturing processes, the RipeLocker chamber is the first solution that can be delivered cost-effectively in mass volume. RipeLocker has patents on both chamber design and method of operation.
About Agrovision
Agrovision is a leading, vertically-integrated global superfruit platform focused on berries and cherries. Headquartered in the U.S., Agrovision has world-class operations in the most optimal micro-climates globally, using technology and climate resilient genetics to deliver better quality and a superior eating experience, reliably. The company markets direct to retailers worldwide under The Fruitist brand. In China, Agrovision markets its blueberries to consumers under the Big Skye brand. Agrovision is proud to be aligned with 11 of the 17 UN's Sustainable Development Goals and to have earned the most prestigious certifications including EFI. The company is founder-led and backed by leading investors that are aligned with Agrovision's values and long-term mission and vision. Learn more at

About RipeLocker
RipeLocker has patented a radically innovative storage solution to revolutionize the postharvest industry with a technology to extend the shelf-life of perishables while preserving quality, taste, and nutrition through the cold chain. The company's dynamic, low-pressure chambers prolong freshness after harvest by weeks, often months. When RipeLocker chambers are used, shippers and retailers reduce food loss, and consumers benefit from a better-tasting and longer shelf-life product. RipeLocker, founded in 2016 and based in Seattle, WA, US, is a science-based and data-driven company. It continues to conduct efficacy trials of its RipeLocker chambers for a variety of different crops with the largest growers in the world.

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