Nature's Miracle Announces Initial Shipments of the "MiracleTainer" Series Container Farm

Company Introduces Custom "MiracleTainer" Indoor Container System to Advance its MiracleFarm System

Nature's Miracle Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: NMHI) ("Nature's Miracle"), a leader in vertical farming technology and infrastructure, today announced the successful manufacturing and shipment of its first two customized container farms in its proprietary "MiracleTainer" series to Growterra, LLC, an Ohio-based vertical farming company.

Nature's Miracle has developed this modularized and self-service container that incorporates LED grow lights, hydroponic systems, and sensors. Specifically, the modular indoor farming containers are equipped to monitor and optimize environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and nutrients levels to increase production yields over traditional farming. The official container system is available for purchase under the brand "MiracleTainer".

Management Comments

James Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nature's Miracle, commented, "Nature's Miracle's container leading farm solutions provide operating efficiency to vertical farm operators by significantly reducing the initial capital expenditure resulting in sustainable profitability to fuel the economics of the vertical farming industry in the U.S. As a leader in designing and sourcing products for the controlled environment within the agriculture industry, we continue to make progress within the research and development of our MiracleTainer series of products. Additionally, we anticipate our announced acquisition of Agrify and its Agrify Insights™ Saas Software platform to boost functionality of our container farm system."

About Nature's Miracle Holdings Inc.

Nature's Miracle ( is a growing agriculture technology company providing equipment and services to growers in the Controlled Environment Agriculture ("CEA") industry which also include vertical farming in North America. Nature's Miracle offers hardware to design, build and operate various indoor growing settings including greenhouse and indoor-growing spaces. Nature's Miracle, through its two wholly-owned subsidiaries (Visiontech Group, Inc. and Hydroman, Inc.), provides grow lights as well as other hydroponic products to hundreds of indoor growers in North America. Nature's Miracle has also developed a robust pipeline to build commercial-scale greenhouse in the U.S. and Canada to meet the growing needs of fresh and local vegetable products. Nature's Miracle has established its first manufacturing footprint in North America with its grow-light assembly plant in Manitoba, Canada and is expected to set up additional manufacturing/assembly facilities in North America.

Nature's Miracle previously announced its plan to acquire 100% of the shares of Agrify Corp. (Nasdaq: AGFY) which provides the leading software automation technology in the CEA market. Agrify's technology will enhance the features of the "MiracleTainer" series while providing direct access to a large customer base revealing the immediate benefits and value proposition of the new product line.

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