Puslinch, Ontario Inventor Launches $100K Indiegogo Campaign to Scale Production of Indoor Aeroponic Gardens

Aiming for $100,000, The Eden Aeroponics Project Seeks to Transform the Way We Grow Food in Homes, Food Banks and Shared Spaces

March 2024, Puslinch, Ontario—Eden Aeroponics has announced the kick-off of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, The Eden Aeroponics Project, aimed at bringing the future of home gardening into today's homes and shared community spaces. With over thirty years of pioneering hydroponics expertise, Dan Atkinson, the founder of Eden Aeroponics invented The Eden and The Eboo—state-of-the-art indoor vertical aeroponic gardens designed for anyone eager to embrace sustainable living by growing fresh, hyper-local produce right in their living spaces.

"If you love fresh lettuce, strawberries and herbs, you will love The Eden and The Eboo," said Dan Atkinson. "By backing The Eden Aeroponics Project on Indiegogo, you're not just investing in a sustainable indoor gardening solution, you're supporting a movement towards a more resilient future. Together we can cultivate change, one garden at a time."

The Eden Aeroponics Project: Cultivating Change with Every Bite
After 2.5 years of rigorous prototyping and testing, The Eden and The Eboo emerge as symbols of how style and sustainability can coexist. Crafted from sustainable and recyclable Bamboo, these indoor vertical aeroponic gardens are designed to enhance any living space.
They not only produce hyper-local, crisp greens but have also successfully grown strawberries and herbs all year round. Beyond aesthetics, The Eden Aeroponics Project embodies sustainability, with a low carbon footprint, minimal operating costs, and a promise to reduce reliance on traditional grocery store chains.

Our Indiegogo campaign seeks to raise $100,000 to scale up in Puslinch, Ontario. Joining our campaign offers exclusive access to discounted rates and the opportunity to directly contribute to community sustainability:

· Sprout Supporter ($50 CAD): Join us as a Sprout Supporter and see our leafy greens thrive! Your generosity maintains 15 Eboo units for local food banks, vital for fresh produce supply to those in need. Let's grow a supportive community garden. With your green thumb, we transform food bank shelves into vibrant salad bars!

· Harvest Hero ($100 CAD): As a Harvest Hero, your $100 donation sprouts fresh greens at local food banks. Join us in donating 15 Eboo units to Guelph and beyond, seeing your contribution grow into healthy food solutions for those in need. Be the change, watching as your investment brings smiles. Each unit provided is a step towards a greener world.

· Aeroponic Angel ($250 CAD): Embrace your inner Aeroponic Angel with a $250 donation! Your benevolence will help place and maintain 15 Eboo units in Guelph food banks ensuring fresh produce for local charities. As an Aeroponic Angel, you bring health, wellness, and hope. Your wings of generosity deliver not just food but care and support. Join us in spreading joy and nourishmen t.

Plus, for those looking to bring The Eden Aeroponics Project's innovation into their homes:
· Get the Eboo ($649) You get one sustainable Italian designed Bamboo vertical garden with full spectrum LED Lighting, operation manual, water soluble fertilizer and seeds and the option to order 16 baby plants from our web site( at no cost for first order)

· Get The Eden ($749): Get one sustainable Italian designed upscale Acacia wood vertical garden with full spectrum LED Lighting, operation manual, water soluble fertilizer and seeds and the option to order 16 baby plants from our web site( at no cost for first order)

About Eden Aeroponics:
Eden Aeroponics is dedicated to revolutionizing home gardening and promoting sustainability. With over three decades of experience in hydroponics, the company has developed The Eden and The Eboo indoor vertical aeroponic gardens, designed to empower individuals to grow fresh, hyper-local produce while reducing their carbon footprint.

Visit The Eden Aeroponics Project Campaign on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-eden-aeroponics-project/x/36327554#/

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