Indoor-Farming Alliance Fights Food Insecurity

High-tech greenhouses maximize crop yields in year-round, weather-resistant growing season

A rapid-construction manufacturer of weather-resistant greenhouses has created an alliance with an agtech, whose patented hydroponic farming system yields five to six times more produce than traditional growing methods.

Sprung Structures' and ZipGrow's combined technologies offer a unique solution to food security, especially in remote areas or those vulnerable to supply-chain disruptions. Leafy greens, lettuce, bok choy, and herbs like basil and chives are grown vertically in patented towers, in a year-round growing season.

This evolution in food production combines vertical hydroponics growing towers in a naturally lit environment, and a structure able to withstand hurricane winds and extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Sprung Structures, renowned for its tensioned-membrane technology, creates the ideal controlled-environment, providing an airtight and watertight building-envelope. Sprung greenhouses meet or exceed building codes in North America and around the world.

"Demand for innovative, sustainable food production has never been greater, especially in remote communities and the hurricane-prone Caribbean regions most affected when the supply chain is disrupted," said Tim Sprung, vice president of Sprung.

"We have been in search of an alliance where we can deliver our customers a comprehensive solution that includes our ZipGrow Tower system and a greenhouse that complements our offering," added Eric Lang, president and co-founder of ZipGrow.

ZipGrow's hydroponic towers allow crops to be grown vertically, in relatively small physical spaces, with five to six times more produce than traditional horizontal growing methods in greenhouses.

Meanwhile, Sprung's greenhouses can be rapidly deployed, often in as little as eight weeks. Together, their novel hydroponic indoor farming system provides highly efficient food production and unparalleled reliability, ensuring communities, businesses, and organizations are empowered to achieve self-sufficiency and improved food security.

Dining halls, educational facilities, hotels, food banks, and remote operations all stand to benefit. The potential is endless, with rooftop hydroponic gardens possible in urban settings, providing locally sourced, fresh produce at the heart of our cities. 

About Sprung Structures
Sprung Structures is a rapid-construction manufacturer of structures used in multiple industries, including military bases, schools, hospitals, sports arenas, fabrication plants, warehouses, soundstages and homeless shelters.

Sprung Structures is a division of the Sprung group of companies established in 1887.

Five generations of inventors in the Sprung family led to today's patented tension-membrane technology. Combined with Sprung's aluminum framed structures, this alternative construction offers the most advanced, sustainable and high-performance buildings in the world that can be designed in days and built in weeks for significantly less than the cost of conventional bricks and mortar.

Sprung structures have an indefinite life expectancy and are permanent, despite their portability. They can be taken down and reused at another site or in another context, adding more value to an investor's ROI.

Sprung was recently catapulted to fame when Elon Musk, the master disruptor of today's technology, called on Sprung to help build Tesla's 140,000 sq.-ft. assembly-line factory in only three weeks - a feat investors didn't believe was possible.

About ZipGrow Inc.
ZipGrow Inc., headquartered in Ontario, Canada, has established itself as a prominent global pioneer in indoor vertical farming technology since its inception in 2016. The company specializes in the conception, production, and distribution of a diverse range of hydroponic equipment, catering to commercial ventures, hobbyists, and educational institutions. Distinguished by its commitment to farmer success and ongoing support, ZipGrow Inc. is experiencing rapid expansion. The company's ethos revolves around fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of sustainable agriculture, with a strong emphasis on vertical greenhouse applications and indoor closed environment applications. ZipGrow™ Tower is at the heart of the product line, a patented flagship innovation in the operations of forward-thinking farmers worldwide. Whether used in indoor hydroponic warehouses, vertical greenhouses, or high-density container farms, ZipGrow Inc.'s relentless dedication to pioneering solutions has revolutionized the way we cultivate crops, making agriculture more efficient, sustainable, and adaptable for a changing world.

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