Nourishing Tomorrow, Today: Trailblazing Seaweed Ingredient Pioneer Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

VSS has built Australia's first and largest land-based seaweed farm that regenerates downstream carbon and nitrogen from local agriculture, to yield seaweed with higher nutritional value and at a 50 x faster rate than traditional land crops.

Venus Shell Systems Pty Ltd (VSS), the technology behind the PhycoHealth brand and a global pioneer in the field of regenerative aqua-culture, launches its equity crowdfunding campaign today on Swarmer. Boasting over 20 years of land-cultivated green seaweed innovation as a groundbreaking ingredient, VSS aims to advance premium human health and address the challenge of climate change at planetary scale.

VSS has built Australia's first and largest land-based seaweed farm that regenerates downstream carbon and nitrogen from local agriculture, to yield seaweed with higher nutritional value and at a 50 x faster rate than traditional land crops. Its seaweed cultivation lifecycle eliminates environmental risk with its zero-waste solution and has demonstrated significant demand for the PhycoHealth line of food, skincare and nutraceutical products that are further backed by published clinical research. With $600,000 in revenue per annum, Venus Shell Systems has secured partnerships with retailers like Harris Farm Markets in Australia and is pursuing global markets, starting with Holland & Barrett in the UK.

Green seaweed, a rapidly emerging super-ingredient, has gained recognition for its numerous health benefits, environmental sustainability, and culinary versatility. Venus Shell Systems is at the forefront of this movement leveraging cutting-edge innovation and science-based expertise to unlock the full potential of the regenerative nature of seaweed aqua-culture. From plant-based protein alternatives to plumping hyaluronic acid rich skincare, these products are poised to transform the market and cater to the growing demand for healthier, planet-positive nutrition and health options for everyone.

A successful crowdfunding campaign will scale VSS' facilities and advance sales and market operations to bring the benefits of green seaweed from our oceans to every body, and every plate. By supporting the campaign, investors will not only have a stake in a forward-thinking enterprise with global access, but will also play a vital role in advancing the seismic shift towards sustainable food solutions.

"We are incredibly excited about impact we will make by scaling our seaweed ingredient production to meet global market needs" said Dr. Pia Winberg, CEO of Venus Shell Systems, "We believe that with the support of a savvy investment community, we can have a breakthrough impact on both the health of individuals and the health of our planet. The timing has never been more urgent."

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About Venus Shell Systems
Venus Shell Systems Pty Ltd is the sustainable innovator behind PhycoHealth. A pioneer in the seaweed aquaculture sector since 2015, and with research experience since 1998, VSS' mission is to elevate green seaweed as a viable and sustainable crop solution and promote their nutritionally dense ingredients into the food and health industries. Their seaweed cultivation technology both drastically reduces water use, emissions, and fossil fuel dependency in the food production lifecycle, and impacts on land and sea from food production, while driving demand for transformational nutrition and health on a global scale.


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