Award-Winning Rebate Program Helps Fluence Customers Save More Than $26 Million

Fluence’s dedicated rebate administrators leverage deep relationships with energy utilities to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings for growers

AUSTIN, Texas (Aug. 22, 2023)—Fluence, a leading global provider of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, announced today its award-winning rebate program has helped growers secure more than $26 million in rebates and incentives since 2017.

Fluence's dedicated in-house rebate experts offer rebate and incentive management to all Fluence customers at no additional cost, including customers through the Fluence partner network. The team's experience with utility companies across North America helps mitigate the typical issues that come up when pursuing rebates. In addition, Fluence's in-house rebate administrators' long-standing relationships with utility companies ensure that customers have access to the latest knowledge on U.S. and Canadian rebate and incentive programs without the burden of tracking and applying for these complex opportunities internally. Working with Fluence, customers keep 100% of their rebates to invest directly back into their business.

"I've worked in commercial lighting and rebates for more than 17 years and know firsthand how nuanced and time-consuming managing the rebate process and working directly with utilities can be," said Jason Battles, rebate analyst for Fluence. "As a result, customers will often not secure the maximum rebate/incentive possible. That's where Fluence's rebate administrators come in. We keep our finger on the pulse of utility companies throughout North America and are 100% dedicated to identifying, submitting and securing the maximum rebate and incentive payments possible on behalf of our partners."

This summer, Fluence's rebate program was recognized by the Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPL) Business Energy Efficiency Program as the partner project with the highest kilowatt savings. Fluence helped three of its customers receive a total of $2 million in rebate payments collectively because of their energy efficiency. The growers deployed RAZR, SPYDR 2x and SPYDR 2i fixtures to drive energy costs down and secure rebates from PPL Electric Utilities.

"Fluence's ability to work in lockstep with utility partners saved us time and resources, allowing us to focus on the quality of our product and meeting customer demands," said Josh Malman, vice president of cultivation operations at Jushi Holdings Inc., a Pennsylvania customer benefiting from Fluence's rebate program. "The savings we were able to claim in 2022 were crucial to helping us manage our capital expenditure, a value-add to the energy cost savings and efficiencies already inherent in using Fluence's high-powered LED fixtures."

For indoor and greenhouse growers, supplemental lighting can be a facility's greatest operational and capital expense. LED technology, including Fluence technology, can reduce energy use by up to 40% against legacy technology such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting. With appropriate rebate and incentive management, some growers can secure rebate and incentive payments to cover up to 100% of their equipment costs.

"Growing under LED lights is not only more effective for your business' bottom line, plant quality and yield—it's more environmentally friendly," said Ron DeKok, senior vice president of sales, Americas for Fluence. "With Fluence LED technology, growers lower their facility's carbon footprint and recoup costs through rebate and incentive programs for doing so. Fluence will continue to put cutting-edge, environmentally friendly LEDs in the hands of cultivators and help them secure the highest rebate possible at no cost to them."

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