Freight Farms Partners With Local Line to Support Farm Businesses and the Growth of the Local Food Industry

The platform’s features — which include price lists for different customer segments, inventory management, invoicing, and payments — are built to help current farmers grow their operations and new farmers get their businesses off the ground.

June 30, 2023 — Freight Farms is launching a new partnership with Local Line, an all-in-one sales platform for farmers. The partnership is Freight Farms' latest step toward providing new farmers with the resources they need to launch successful businesses.

Local Line, an Ontario-based company founded in 2015, strives to help both current and aspiring farmers on their journey towards farming profitably. The platform's features — which include price lists for different customer segments, inventory management, invoicing, and payments — are built to help current farmers grow their operations and new farmers get their businesses off the ground.

Local Line shares Freight Farms' mission of establishing local food systems. Freight Farms strives to enable people to farm in their community; Local Line strives to ensure those local farmers' businesses are profitable and connect them to their customers. These two objectives go hand-in-hand to grow a sustainable local food system, making this a natural partnership.

Thanks to our new partnership, farmers can use a Freight Farm and Local Line in tandem to start a profitable farm business. Freight Farmers (new and existing) can now receive a free Local Line premium feature for a year with their subscription and discounts on services for marketing and website setup.

Local Line is an invaluable asset to those Freight Farmers looking to spend more time growing and less time selling. If a farmer would rather focus on crop optimization, flavor profiles, and farm environment than on setting up a website and getting produce into the hands of consumers, Local Line helps turn their farming operation into a business. Local Line's suite of farm-focused features, such as hosting an online store, order processing, and automated inventory management, gives farmers back time to do what they love most: growing food.

All this means that, while Freight Farms helps farmers to launch a container farm and start growing, Local Line's services will help them to launch their business at the same time so, when their first harvest is ready, customers are eagerly waiting to purchase crops.

Several Freight Farmers already utilize Local Line's services. Among them is the Sugarlands, Texas', Fare House Farms. Alex Armstrong, co-owner and operator of Fare House Farms, uses Local Line as an online store to sell crops like basil, arugula, and live lettuce heads to local consumers.

Freight Farms will be co-hosting webinars with Local Line to share more information about the partnership and how it works. More details on webinars will be released in the coming weeks.

About Freight Farms:
Founded in 2012, Freight Farms debuted the first vertical hydroponic farm built inside an intermodal shipping container with the mission of democratizing and decentralizing the local production of fresh, healthy food. Since its inception, Freight Farms has refined its product offering to arrive at the Greenery™ S container farm. With global customers ranging from small business farmers to the corporate, hospitality, retail, education, and nonprofit sectors, Freight Farmers make up the largest network of connected farms in the world. AgTech Breakthrough named Freight Farms the 2022 "IoT Monitoring Solution of the Year" for its farmhand® IoT automation software.

To learn more, visit or connect on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok.

About Local Line:
Local Line is the leading commerce platform for the local food system. Headquartered in London, ON, Canada, Local Line helps thousands of farms and food producers sell to both end consumers and enterprise food buyers. Their white-label e-commerce, CRM, inventory, and logistics modules enable suppliers to control their brand and grow their business on their terms. For more information, visit

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