Plant Growing Substrate Uses Far Less Water, Speeds Growth Cycle, Increases Yields and is Safe for the Environment

Biodegradable, ideal water to air ratio, water savings of up to 50% and growth rates greater than 125% define new Rocket-Foam growing material from Martian Enterprises

Clearwater, FL—May 18, 2023---Whether you are growing fruits and vegetables, responsible for a sports field or golf course or have a strong desire to help the environment by conserving water, Rocket-Foam,, is a revolutionary growing substrate you need to examine.

Rocket-Foam, exclusively distributed by Martian Enterprises,, , is a unique combination of amino acids and plant growing ingredients that in testing and real-world use is creating growing magic. Specifically, Rocket-Foam:
• Is the fastest germinating, biodegradable growing substrate available right now
• Provides the perfect air-to-water ratio for almost instant root growth
• Saves water, up to 50% less water required
• Improves growth rate…plants grow up to 125% faster
• Produces faster growing/crop yields, plants germinate 2x or more faster and grow stronger

"In test after test that we've run and working with various partners using Rocket-Foam for their businesses, we've seen amazing results with our own eyes," said Co-Owner and CEO of Rocket-Foam/Martian Enterprises, Scott Wainright. "Whether you are a weekend garden hobbyist or a large-scale sod farm and everything in between, Rocket-Foam can help you grow faster, increase your yield, save significant amounts of water and know you are protecting the environment all at the same time."

Peter Hagen, CEO, Martian Enterprises said, "Beyond the ability to grow plants and crops faster, the fact that Rocket-Foam uses so much less water means it could play a major role in helping drought-stricken areas of the country and the world. Imagine being able to grow crops in arid, dry conditions and feeding people without the need for huge amounts of water. We believe Rocket-Foam has the potential to help feed those most vulnerable to drought conditions."

"We don't want potential users of Rocket-Foam to take our word for how the product performs. We want them to see what we've seen in terms of just how well the product performs (insert link to time-lapse visual here), said Wainright. "We also want them to read and hear about what our customers who heled us bring the product to market have to say about Rocket-Foam's performance, customers such as Hydrodynamic Solutions, an expert in resource management who used Rocket-Foam for one of their equestrian clients.
"As a 100% biodegradable, open cell amino acid foam, Rocket-Foam has a number of beneficial characteristics when applied to a scenario such as the one at the California equestrian facility.
This soilless substrate increases grass establishment time which is critical to allowing grazing of horses as soon as possible. The foam is "capillaric" and works by holding moisture at the root zone. In addition, after the foam is spread and before it is tilled in, the growers choice of fertilizer can be watered in to provide nutrition directly to the root zone.

Basically, the foam keeps the water and nutrition at the root zone instead of it being lost to percolation. In addition, the ability of the foam to entrain air helps prevent the compaction of the soil over time from the equestrian facility's hoof traffic. " Source: Hydrodynamic Solutions
Rocket-Foam is available for purchase at individual samples packs priced at $$$ and larger packages at $$$. For larger orders and for business/industrial uses, please contact Shep Doniger at and 561-637-5750.

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