Leading AgTech launches back-to-school campaign in KSA - to encourage healthy eating

Jeddah/Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 23 August 2022: Red Sea Farms, the Saudi Arabia AgTech whose unique technology enables commercial farming in harsh environments, announces its sustainable, KSA-grown produce is now available across the country.

The produce is now stocked in over 80 supermarket locations at retailers such as Tamimi, AlRaya, and Carrefour.

Red Sea Farms has launched its back-to-school campaign which includes offers on all its sustainably grown produce - snack tomatoes, uniquely sweet snack peppers and snack cucumbers - to help promote healthy, organic eating habits in line with Vision 2030.

The campaign's goals are aligned with the wider Vision 2030, which promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia implemented a Healthy Food Promotion national program, which includes several initiatives to enhance the eating habits and wellbeing of the Saudi population.

As part of the campaign, Red Sea Farms has reduced the price of its products by over 30% to encourage healthy eating and well-being amongst back to school consumers.

Simon Roopchand, Red Sea Farms' Middle East CEO and Global COO, said:

"We are very pleased to launch our back-to-school campaign and focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to being aligned with Vision 2030 and continue our mission to sustainably grow premium quality produce in the harsh environment of Saudi Arabia.

"We are also extremely grateful for our partners, and their focus on stocking healthy produce and Saudi Made brands."

Bobby Rajedran, General Manager Tamimi Markets commented:

"Tamimi Markets is very proud of Red Sea Farms' amazing story. We have been with them since their beginning at King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, and continue to applaud their many innovations and quality Saudi products. For a healthy and delicious Back-to-School treat, look for Red Sea Farms products in Tamimi Market's Fresh Produce departments nationally."

Red Sea Farms' technology enables farming in very harsh environments, by using primarily salt water and sunlight. The tech reduces food insecurity, carbon use in the food sector and overall freshwater consumption. Red Sea Farms' technology saves 300 liters of freshwater per kilogram of produce grown in hot climates, an approach effective in areas where water is sparsely available and arable land is scarce.

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