Modular Hydroponic Farms like GrowPods Can Offer Security in Recessions

New study finds Ag sector has beaten S&P 500 by over 24% in previous recessions

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (Ticker: ACTX), announced that modular hydroponic farms like GrowPods are within a sector that may provide added security during a recession, according to a new report.

Small Business Trends News reported that the agriculture industry is one of the most recession proof sectors due to the fact that everyone still needs food to live. "It is not a luxury that can be put aside during difficult times, so businesses in this sector can continue to do well even during a recession."

Farm Folio wrote that farming is a wise route for diversification. They report that during recessions when the value of stocks, bonds, and other investments fall, farming assets historically increase in value.

The results of a new study from Money Made is also illuminating. In the study, the performance of 12 different asset classes was examined against the S&P 500 during three recent market crashes. Agriculture came out on top overall, averaging returns of over 24% better than the S&P 500.

GrowPods are modular hydroponic farms that can be placed virtually anywhere, and can grow the equivalent of three acres of traditional farmland in an automated, controlled, pesticide-free environment. With GrowPods, virtually any organization, business, restaurant, grocer, community group, or entrepreneur can grow fresh, healthy food, without needing expensive farmland or workers to tend to the fields.

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