Netafim USA to Debut Gakon Netafim Greenhouse Solutions at Cultivate ‘22

Gakon Netafim Greenhouse Projects leverage extensive global experience to offer growers comprehensive precision irrigation and greenhouse solutions. From its revolutionary dripper arc NetBow™ to cutting-edge multi-outlet drippers and sprinklers, Netafim’s irrigation innovations, along with 70 years of Dutch heritage in glasshouse manufacturing, benefit growers looking to sustainably meet their irrigation needs.

Netafim USA, a subsidiary of Netafim Ltd. — the global leader in precision irrigation solutions — will proudly exhibit its suite of precision irrigation solutions at Cultivate'22 in Columbus, Ohio, on July 17-19, 2022.

Notably, green industry professionals can visit Netafim's booth #3317 to learn more about Gakon Netafim, the company's greenhouse farming division that combines 70 years of Dutch heritage in glasshouse manufacturing and Netafim's global presence and precision irrigation innovation. Netafim acquired Gakon Horticulture Products in 2021, joining forces to provide complete commercial greenhouses that enable farmers to grow fresh produce year-round in any climate, thus playing an important role in supporting local and sustainable food production.

Commercial greenhouse projects are rapidly expanding across the U.S. These projects enable growers to reduce water and fertilizer use by up to 40%, and increase yields by 8 - 10 times in comparison to open field growing.

Netafim will showcase new Gakon Netafim Greenhouse projects and greenhouse irrigation technology with consultations and demonstrations available from Gakon Netafim experts. Products include:

Multi-outlet drippers
Netafim experts in attendance include the Gakon Netafim Projects team: Mauricio Troche, Vice President of Sales, Specialty Markets; Claude Corcos, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development; and Brian Shade, Eastern Agriculture Regional Sales Manager.

Attendees can also get a first look at Netafim's newly released Greenhouse educational videos, a debut for growers interested in learning how Netafim solutions can meet their irrigation needs.

"Since its founding, Netafim has helped growers across industries evolve by driving the adoption of innovative precision irrigation solutions. Today's grower faces a myriad of challenges, and commercial greenhouse projects are a proven solution to hedge against many of the risks of farming. For investors, this means lower production costs and higher returns, while also contributing to more sustainable farming and food security," said Mike Hemman, President and CEO, Netafim USA. "Greenhouses present an exciting future and we are excited to participate in Cultivate '22 to share more information and lend our expertise."

"Different locations, climates and crops require different greenhouse structures to give growers the optimum conditions and protection for success. At any stage of a project, Gakon Netafim can help configure the right greenhouse structure for any goals," said Ricky Elz, Greenhouse Key Accounts Sales Project Manager, Netafim USA. "Our experts look forward to fostering relationships with growers looking to sustainability take their projects to the next level."


Netafim USA, based in Fresno, CA, develops and manufactures drip irrigation systems for agriculture, landscape & turf, greenhouse & nursery, mining, and wastewater. Netafim offers an extensive range of irrigation solutions including driplines, filters, sprinklers, valves, water meters, digital farming equipment, and turnkey greenhouses. For more information go to

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