Light Science Technologies wins ‘Best Sustainability Initiative’ at Vertical Farming World Awards

Agritech firm Light Science Technologies (LST) has won ‘Best Sustainability Initiative' at the 2021 Vertical Farming World Awards, for its sustainable grow light range nurturGROW.

The Derby-based business, formed in 2019, was selected by a renowned panel of independent judges for its innovative lighting product, seeing off strong competition from some of the industry's biggest names.

Recently launched, nurturGROW is made from materials that minimise carbon footprint while providing a high-performance and cost-effective solution for indoor growers. It is 90% recyclable, significantly reducing landfill waste, and is also 85% reusable, allowing growers to easily upgrade components and with no downtime, making it future-proof and easily maintainable.

Simon Deacon, CEO of Light Science Technologies said: "We are thrilled to receive this award, especially at a time of exciting growth for the business. It is recognition of all the team's hard work over the past two years, and cements LST's place at the front of indoor farming technology and innovation."

Celebrating excellence and innovation across the global vertical farming industry, the inaugural awards saw 18 winners from across 16 categories announced on Tuesday 21st September at an online ceremony during Zenith Global's 2021 Vertical Farming World Congress.


Editor's notes:

About Light Science Technologies
Light Science Technologies delivers lighting, science and research-proven plant monitoring technology and software in partnership with world-leading university research teams. We work across multiple indoor applications including vertical farming, greenhouses and poly tunnels across different plant species, delivering the right solution no matter what environment. Our integrated technology solution for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) applications for next-generation scalable farming helps customers grow more with less. For further information, visit:

About Light Science Technologies Holdings
Light Science Technologies Holdings Ltd brings together market leading controlled environment agriculture technology (Light Science Technologies) and quality led UK based electronic manufacturing (UK Circuits and Electronics Solutions) to help our customers grow more with less. We specialise in creating and manufacturing bespoke solutions for global clients across agriculture, electronics, audio, automotive, AI technology and pest control industries.

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