Grōv Technologies Signs Definitive Agreement with Superior Farms to Bring Sustainability to Ground-breaking U.S. Lamb Production

Grōv's Olympus Tower Farms will provide year-round fresh feed to new Superior Farms "Sheep Discovery Center" in central Utah.

Agtech and indoor farming company, Grōv Technologies, today announced a definitive agreement with California-based Superior Farms for the purchase of 10 Olympus Tower Farms that will produce fresh year-round feed for Superior's upcoming Sheep Discovery Center™ in Central Utah. Grōv is part of Superior Farms' efforts to dramatically improve the sustainability and growth of U.S. lamb production.

The ten Olympus Tower Farms will produce 60,000 pounds of Grōv's fresh High-Density Nutrient (HDN) Superfeed wheatgrass a day using less than 5% of the water needed for field-grown fodder, without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

The Sheep Discovery Center is a new venture of Superior Farms. The goal of the Discovery Center is to showcase how sustainably focused science and technology can help farmers increase their flocks and consistently produce high quality lamb.

"Our collaboration with Superior showcases how Grōv indoor ag technology can benefit farmers who want to improve production and sustainability, and minimize risk, especially as it relates to drought conditions that plague regions across the world," said Steve Lindsley, president of Grōv Technologies. "The innovative thinking of Superior Farms is right in line with our efforts to provide feed security for animals and food security for growing populations."

Leveraging Grōv's indoor Olympus Tower Farms to grow fresh HDN feed, Superior Farms intends to optimize nutrition and environmental conditions to help support animal health during the lambing cycle. Superior Farms will also implement Grōv's seasonal lighting technology as part of Superior's efforts to improve the productivity of their sheep and provide a more consistent lamb supply throughout the year.

"The current Western U.S. megadrought is pushing farmers to ration their natural resources and find innovative ways to give their animals a more sustainable and nutrient-rich environment," said Rick Stott, CEO of Superior Farms. "Feeding sheep with Grōv HDN opens up new opportunities for sheep farmers and gives them a way to overcome the water issues affecting their flocks."

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers tried lamb for the first time and continued to purchase it throughout the year. The U.S. lamb industry expects demand to keep rising as the number of new consumers who are more familiar with lamb continues to grow.

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About Grōv Technologies, LLC
Grōv Technologies is pioneering next generation indoor agriculture technology and science to help meet the demand for global food and animal feed security. The company has developed enterprise-scale, automated controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems to grow high-density nutrient animal feed and other crops using significantly less water and resources than traditional farming. These systems utilize patented low-heat LED technology, seed-to-harvest robotics, and data-driven scientifically proven indoor growing protocols. Grōv also operates an LED lighting and power management subsidiary, Stellar Smart Energy Solutions, using proprietary Wave Power Transformation and power management networking technology for commercial and agricultural facilities. Grōv is wholly owned by Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: NUS), which develops and distributes a comprehensive line of premium-quality beauty and wellness solutions through a global network of sales leaders.

About Superior Farms
Superior Farms, the leading purveyor of sustainably-raised, ranch-to-table American lamb. Proudly providing the highest quality natural lamb for a variety of recipes from weeknight dinners to Sunday brunch, lunches and more, Superior Farms offers a range of premium cuts. From the mountains of Utah, the brisk winters of Minnesota and the shores of California, Superior Farms prides itself on working exclusively with family ranchers who raise lambs with the best care and commitment to a quality wellbeing and stable environment. Respecting a nutrient rich land, maintaining a sustainable footprint, and working with dedicated family ranchers who raise flocks with the highest level of care, all are core values that make Superior Farms the leader in American lamb. From the plant floor to the corner office, Superior Farms is also proud to be 100% owned by its dedicated and talented employees. For more information, visit, order home delivery at or follow the brand on Instagram (@SuperiorFarms) and Facebook (@SuperiorFarms).

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