Blendhub will feature at Food4Future a Virtual Reality tour of its global network of multi-localized production hubs supporting efficient and sustainable food production

Blendhub will be present at the first edition of Food 4 Future from June 15-17 in Bilbao (Spain), the largest European event on innovation, technology and sustainability for the global food industry.

Blendhub will be present at the first edition of Food 4 Future from June 15-17 in Bilbao (Spain), the largest European event on innovation, technology and sustainability for the global food industry.

Blendhub is official partner of the event and will be participating as exhibitor with a 40m2 booth where it will offer visitors the opportunity to attend a virtual reality tour and be introduced to its global network of multi-localized production hubs, where the core of this replication model is the portable powder blending unit, PPB, which can be transported in a 40-foot container and become operational anywhere in the world in less than six months.

This multi-localized food production model (infrastructure as a service) is open to any agri-food company, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and startups seeking introduction to new markets, as it facilitates production anywhere in the world without need to invest in own infrastructure. But also to big food and ingredients company understanding that loxcalized production is the only way to be competitive.

Decentralization of production fosters optimization of supply chains: by manufacturing closer to raw materials and final consumers, the cost of final food products can decrease by 20-50%; transportation is reduced and logistics are optimized, which at the same time means a lower environmental impact.

Blendhub is transiting into a collaborative platform of network hubs, open to all value aligned stakeholders along the agrifood value chain focusing on creating shared value. This platform is not only based on supply chain optimization (infrastructure-as-a-service), but also digitized food quality and a unique food-as-a-service strategy to help food companies from ideation to products launch faster, more efficiently and anywhere in the world.

Blendhub's founder and CEO Henrik Stamm Kristensen will give a keynote speech at Food 4 Future to present this disruptive business model and explain how digitized platforms can create value for anyone in the food industry and the final consumers.

Blendhub's Infrastructure-as-a-Service manager Pablo Ruiz Hernández and Food-as-a-Service manager Juanjo Valderrama will also participate in high-level presentations on innovative and sustainable processes for the agri-food value chain.

About Blendhub
Blendhub, based in Murcia, Spain, is the result of five agri-tech companies founded by Henrik Stamm Kristensen. The company has evolved from the production of branded food ingredients to become a technology and food-as-a-service platform helping people and companies from ideation to launch of new food products faster, addressing new markets and compete on agile innovation without the need for proprietary investment and infrastructure, through a global network of localized hubs in Spain, India, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand.

About Food 4 Future
You can check HERE the agenda of the congress and all the presentations.
Visit us at booth D444 from June 15 to 17 at the BEC in Bilbao.

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The ERT150 - Dorner's Next Evolution of Edge Roller Technology Conveyors

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