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With the approaching of cold, the matter of prevention on burning stubble has started again, the state governments are again warning the farmers.

After the uproar over the matter of burning stubble last year, people everywhere the country must have experienced the seriousness of this problem. so as to guard the environment and stop pollution , last year, when people talked about stopping stubble burning, then the issues of farmers were also exposed. So this year Punjab - Haryana governments have are available the entire planned way, so allow us to know the entire plan of the govt .

But before that, if you are doing not realize this, then allow us to tell you that in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh , after harvesting the crop (mainly paddy) from the machine, crop residues remain, which the farmers burn to get rid of them. The smoke that comes out thanks to burning of crop residues causes pollution in these states and therefore the capital . Therefore, it's necessary to prevent this, after the High Court's decision last year, it's become necessary for governments to prevent it and also to assist farmers in destroying crop residues.

This year also the governments of the three states are ready for this and during this sequence, the Punjab and Haryana governments have planned the way to solve the matter and help the farmers.

The government will help the farmers.

This year, the Punjab Government is additionally providing 23 thousand 500 machines to the farmers to assist farmers in stubble management.

Eight thousand nodal officers are deployed by the Punjab government till November, whose job are going to be to warn farmers against burning stubble and make them conscious of stubble management.

This officer also will prepare an inventory of farmers who have given their land on contract. These officers will call every such farmer through an excellent SMS system and warn them.

Toll free number 1800-180-1551 has been issued to the farmers by the Department of Agriculture for information about the machines for removing the straw. Farmers can get information about machines for paddy straw management by calling this number. These machines are going to be made available to farmers alone or in groups at a subsidy of fifty to 80 per cent.

That is why don't burn starch: -

Burning the straw doesn't only harm the environment, but this year the matter became more serious. it's believed that the smoke affected people will suffer from corona virus. this is often also one among the explanations why the govt is functioning so efficiently this year. Although last year, the court has clearly stated that there should be a ban on burning of straw, along side NASA of the US space agency has made it clear that burning of straw is one among the most causes of pollution in Delhi.

Farmers should understand that conservation of environment may be a shared responsibility, because the damage it'll cause are going to be equal among all. Burning stubble also will be harmful for farmers' land. For information, tell us that paddy has been cultivated on 27 lakh hectares of land in Punjab this year alone, thanks to which about 16.50 million tonnes of straw is being expected this point , which can cause massive pollution on burning.

Even if the starch is lit, action are going to be taken: -

After the court rebuke last year, the governments learned how important it's to support the farmers by stubble management, because it is extremely expensive for the farmers to try to to this with machines and enormous number of farmers aren't even conscious of it. So this year the govt has come up with the entire scheme, the govt is giving full help to the farmers. But albeit the stray is lit, the farmers will have action , there'll be a red mark ahead of their land within the land record.

Let us tell you that the governments have already taken such action before this, in UP Bareilly farmers were arrested last year, many such reports have also begin in Punjab and Haryana.

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