Forbidden Fruit Garden Supply and Plant Life Company Enter Into a licensed Distribution Agreement

Forbidden Fruit will recommend Plant Life Company’s line of plant nutrients to its vast clientele of professional growers.

Plant Life Company announced it has entered into a preferred distribution agreement with Forbidden Fruit Garden Supply LLC (a division of Horticultural Holdings LLC) to recommend Plant Life Company's line of superior plant nutrients to its discerning clientele of professional growers.

FFGS is a team of disciplined and energetic plant lovers formally educated in horticulture and helping develop optimum cultivation practices and supplies for cannabis growers. The company consults for licensed cultivators globally to help them achieve optimal production levels for high quality cannabis on a consistent basis.

"Our team at Forbidden Fruit Garden Supply has an impressive track record of delivering results for our clients because we only recommend products and services that we believe in," commented Shane Hutto of FFGS. "In my more than a decade of experience helping growers design, control and successfully run large-scale cannabis operations, Plant Life Company is a very select and elite class of plant nutrients that produces great yields and increased THC potency at an exceptional value."

Shane Hutto is the COO of Horticultural Holdings. He is also a highly respected and widely acknowledged expert in cannabis growing. Shane has a Master's degree in Horticulture from Oklahoma State University and is a multi-state operator. As a subject matter expert, Shane is a sought-after speaker on facility optimization, plant health, nutrients and all elements related to growing cannabis from architectural greenhouse design and climate control to post harvest and value-added products.

"We are thrilled to team with Horticultural Holdings and an industry icon like Shane Hutto to supply their clients with our proprietary line of nutrient rich, liquid and dry fertilizers," said David Ellerstein, co-founder and Managing Partner of Plant Life Company. "Having a trusted industry expert like Shane put his seal of approval on our line of plant nutrients is a real testament to the results our products have achieved for professional growers across the industry."

To hear from Shane Hutto first-hand about his experience with Plant Life Company's nutrients, stop by Forbidden Fruit Garden Supply's booth (C8247) at MJBizCon from December 11-13, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

About Horticultural Holdings LLC
With decades of industry experience combined with extensive university education, the team at Horticultural Holdings LLC goes far beyond offering general advice and sales. The team prides itself in dedicating the time and energy required to truly understand each client's needs and desires in order to customize solutions tailored to achieve their goals. Helping educate and guide our clients to a path of higher quality and greater yields is our expertise and becomes the barometer for our own success. It is only after extensive testing products does Horticultural Holdings qualify certain products to be publicly recommend. Learn more at

About Plant Life Company
With over 160 years of combined experience in the fertilizer industry, Plant Life Company offers the professional grower an unparalleled level of nutrient expertise. The Doggett family name has been synonymous as the leader in fertilizers since the 1920's. The collaborative resources and breadth of practical knowledge has allowed Plant Life Company to develop an unparalleled line of nutrients targeted to the burgeoning greenhouse market and other B2B enterprises. Plant Life Company is undeniably creating a new benchmark for which all to be measured. Learn more at

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