Spacesaver Announces GROW Mobile System and Hawthorne Partnership

Spacesaver's GROW Mobile System eliminates wasted aisle space and allows for multiple levels of growing area.

Spacesaver systems are a familiar sight in libraries, offices, museums, and warehouses throughout North America and around the world. Now, with the GROW Mobile System, this full-solutions approach is just as indispensable in cannabis growing facilities and other indoor farms.

"Building on nearly 50 years of experience in space optimization, we're proud to announce our new GROW Mobile System, which helps growers maximize profits and ensure a consistent product," said Spacesaver CEO Mark Haubenschild. "We stepped up to meet the need for a robust, high-quality movable shelving system that's designed specifically for indoor grow environments."

Spacesaver's GROW Mobile System eliminates wasted aisle space and allows for multiple levels of growing area. The system consists of the ActivRAC® 3M Mobilized Storage System, which saves space by eliminating idle aisles, and Widespan GROW, which is sturdy vertical shelving that can extend up to 30 feet tall while also accommodating lighting, HVAC, irrigation and other systems necessary for indoor agriculture. Drain trays and other accessories are also available.

GROW reinforces Spacesaver's reputation for safe, durable solutions that are custom designed to fully optimize any space. It's backed up by in-house engineering and project management teams, along with a distribution network that employs space planning consultants and factory-certified technicians to ensure that all clients receive personalized service from local experts.

In addition to new product offerings, Spacesaver is excited to announce a partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Company. As the leading distributor of hydroponics products in North America, Hawthorne offers indoor cannabis growers expert insights into space utilization and the best products in indoor horticulture. Together the two firms offer nearly 100 years of combined experience to cannabis growers. Spacesaver is the industry leader in movable vertical racking, with more than 200 patents in mobile storage technology and 300,000 installations world-wide. Hawthorne taps into the rich horticulture legacy of its parent company, Scotts Miracle-Gro, to offer research-based consulting on topics such as lighting layouts and plant nutrition, along with analytical services like plant tissue analysis and disease diagnostics.

The partnership enables the two companies to offer a full suite of complementary services and products. Growers who are transitioning to indoor facilities and / or vertical farming can benefit from technical and customer support on their new or redesigned grow rooms, from consultation to installation to long-term maintenance.

"Spacesaver maximizes the grow area in any facility, and Hawthorne optimizes it for growth," Haubenschild said. "Together we help growers make the most of every cubic inch of growing space."

Spacesaver was founded in 1972 and is a 100% employee-owned company with headquarters and a 330,000-foot manufacturing facility in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Distributorships are located in cities throughout North America. Learn more about Spacesaver GROW systems and connect with the experts at

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