Commercial Cannabis Facilities Turning to Supplemental LED Grow Lights For Increased Yield and Quality

Kind LED Grow Lights provide a level of quality and potency that HPS grow lights cannot match.

Double-ended HPS grow lights have reigned supreme in the commercial grow space for a long time for a reason: it's hard to argue with the results they produce. HPS fixtures produce good yields! But smart growers are starting to see the tremendous benefits of the targeted spectrums provided by LED fixtures, and are finding ways to introduce them into their grow rooms. Kind LED Grow Lights is one of the companies leading this charge with their X-Series supplemental bar lights, which provide ideal solutions for both vegetative and flowering applications

A large percentage of commercial growers are switching their veg rooms to 100% LED grow lights due to the targeted spectrum and tremendous cost-savings LED grow lights provide. The vegetative spectrum of Kind LED's single-sided and double-sided X-Series bar lights considerably speeds up growth times and provides lush growth, and strong, healthy roots.

Many professional growers are now incorporating supplemental LED bar lights into their flowering rooms as well. Their tremendous versatility makes them a great option for vertical farming, greenhouses, and providing supplemental light for under-canopy growth. The X-Series bar lights can be hung horizontally and vertically, which makes them a great solution for vertical racking systems, seedlings, dedicated veg rooms, and even vertical grow towers. Commercial facilities running HPS lighting have begun to use X-Series flower-spectrum bars as supplemental lighting. The extra wattage helps to boost yields, while the targeted flower spectrum boosts terpene production and potency during the flowering stage. While traditional HPS grow lights have long been the choice for facilities looking to optimize yields, introducing LED fixtures provides much-needed UV wavelengths that have been proven to stimulate trichome production, leading to a substantial increase in terpene levels and potency. By pairing these two sources of lighting, facilities can produce the yields they want, while increasing the potency and quality of those yields considerably.

Available in a variety of formats, the X-Series includes the single-sided X40 and X80, and the double-sided XD75 and XD150, both of which promise to produce 50% faster and stronger growth than any other supplemental lighting option currently on the market. All products in the X-Series range feature a perfect blend spectrum, and are available in either a flower or vegetative integrations, providing ideal photon emissions in every essential wavelength along the photosynthetic spectrum. Additionally, the X-Series line offers ideally tuned photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) delivering optimal concentration and quantity of photon energy from canopy surface to the base of the plant.

All X-Series grow lights have an IP65 (Ingress Protection) rating that ensures the safety of using them in the harsh conditions of commercial greenhouses. An IP65 rating means that the lights are completely dust-tight and can also handle the spray from a 6.3mm water nozzle from any direction with no harmful effects. In addition, the X Series is ETL Listed, meaning it complies with North American safety standards.

Revolutionizing the indoor growing industry, KIND LED Grow Lights provide the most rewarding results possible for hydroponic and indoor gardens. One of the world's most highly-awarded grow lights, KIND LED received the coveted High Times "Gear of the Year" award in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. For more information or to purchase KIND LED Grow Lights products, please visit

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