Kind LED Grow Lights Offers Free Vegetative Bar Lights for July

Kind LED is giving away a free supplemental bar light with every K3 and K5 grow light sold

This month, Kind LED Grow Lights are giving away a free 4-foot vegetative supplemental bar light with every order of their K3 and K5 series grow lights. Perfect for seedlings and supplemental lighting during the vegetative cycle, these low profile, premium bar lights incorporate award-winning design features that have become synonymous with Kind LED Grow Lights.

Kind's vegetative bar lights are biased on the blue end of the light spectrum and are ideal for all leafy greens and plants that need to remain in a vegetative stage before initiating flowering. Because of the low profile design and IP65 rating, Kind LED bar lights can be used in an infinite number of ways, including vertical setups and in between rows of plants for lighting areas of your grow that had previously gone unlit. The rugged construction makes the Kind LED Bar Lights the perfect solution for commercial greenhouse applications. Unlimited mounting options make them the perfect choice for anyone wanting to add to their existing setup or someone looking to push the limits of what's possible in a grow space. These include:

Vertical wall setups
Stacked or racked multi-layer systems such as fodder systems
Free hanging lighting between plant rows
Outside/inside edge lighting in grow tents
Vertical plant lighting in trellised greenhouses for climbing plants such as cucumbers
Replacement fixtures for any T-5 fluorescent setup
All Kind LED Bar Lights have an IP65 (Ingress Protection Rating) that ensures the safety of using them in the harsh conditions of commercial greenhouses. An IP65 rating means that the lights are completely dust-tight and can also handle the spray from a 6.3mm water nozzle from any direction with no harmful effects.

During the month of July, Kind's 4-Foot vegetative bar light will be included with every K3 series and K5 series grow light sold, including the XL300, XL450, XL600, XL750, and XL1000. Kind LED's all-new K3 XL Series is designed with the hobbyist, home grower in mind, but packs the punch of the spectrum and intensity commercial growers have come to rely upon from the award-winning K5 Series, providing excellent quality and yield at harvest.

LED Technology offers undeniable advantages over traditional grow lighting fixtures, using 40% less electricity to operate without sacrificing yield while increasing harvest quality. Unlike HPS grow lights, LED Grow Lights put out little to no heat, reducing the need for cooling components, leading to additional cost savings and simplified setup.

Available online and through hundreds of retailers nationwide, LED grow light companies such as Kind LED make advanced horticulture lighting technology accessible to both professional and recreational growers worldwide.

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