Living Greens Farm Adds New Lettuce and Microgreen Offerings to its Lineup Of Air-Grown, Fresh Green Products

The world’s largest vertical plane, aeroponics grower, Living Greens Farm brings exciting innovation to satisfy the growing consumer interest in fresh produce.

Year-round, Midwestern grower, Living Greens Farm, today announced it is bringing new lettuce and microgreen products to the Midwest retail market. The new items are available in clamshell, micro-packaging and convenient bagged options, the later representing the first time that fresh produce has been processed by an indoor grower in a bagged format.

This offering is part of a broader effort by Living Greens Farm to expand its lineup of the freshest, highest quality, locally, air-grown and pesticide-free products. Living Greens Farm works with Robinson Fresh, an Eden Prairie, MN based provider who specializes in sourcing and transporting fresh produce for consumers around the world.

"Living Greens Farm is excited to work with Robinson Fresh to provide customers with access to our complete line of fresh greens," said Dana Anderson, chairman and CEO of Living Greens Farm. "We believe that Living Greens Farm's latest offerings will both surprise and delight today's convenience-driven consumers as they embrace the benefits of having dependable and remarkably fresh produce in their daily lives."

Robinson Fresh and Living Greens Farm have worked together for several years to help provide the freshest, local green product options to Midwestern consumers.

"Robinson Fresh, a division of C.H. Robinson, has worked closely with Living Greens Farm to leverage relationships with local retailers to provide sourcing and supply chain solutions to help them grow and manage this complex, fresh produce business," said Michael Castagnetto, V.P. of global sourcing for Robinson Fresh.

Living Greens Farm continues to add to its portfolio with its patented indoor vertical farming approach. This approach allows the company to grow fresh greens and herbs 365 days per year using 95% less water on 99% less land. This patented process is accomplished without pesticides, herbicides or GMOs. Equally important, Living Greens Farm business model is predicated on supporting locally grown farming, reducing dependencies on more distant growers, while dramatically decreasing time to market.

About Robinson Fresh®
Robinson Fresh® specializes in sourcing and transporting fresh produce for consumers around the world. As one of the largest produce providers in the world and a division of world-leading 3PL C.H. Robinson, Robinson Fresh offers the highest quality products, services and solutions. Customers take advantage of year-round and global product supply, cold chain expertise, world-class account management and impactful category insights. This expertise fuels Robinson Fresh's ability to create and execute innovative supply chain solutions for customers, from seed to shelf. For more information, visit
About C.H. Robinson

At C.H. Robinson, we believe in accelerating global trade to seamlessly deliver the products and goods that drive the world's economy. Using the strengths of our knowledgeable people, proven processes, and global technology, we help our customers work smarter, not harder. As one of the world's largest third-party logistics providers (3PL), we provide a broad portfolio of logistics services, fresh produce sourcing and managed services for more than 124,000 customers and 76,000 active contract carriers through our integrated network of offices and more than 15,000 employees. In addition, the company, our Foundation and our employees contribute millions of dollars annually to a variety of organizations. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, C.H. Robinson (CHRW) has been publicly traded on the NASDAQ since 1997. For more information, visit or view our company video.

About Living Greens Farm
Living Greens Farm is the world's largest, vertical plane, aeroponics grower offering a revolutionary, planet friendly, indoor farming approach using no pesticides, no herbicides and no GMOs. Living Greens Farm's patented, Air-Grown farming system accelerates plant growth and harvest cycles by creating the perfect growing conditions for fresh greens and herbs, virtually eliminating the health risks and environmental challenges posed by more traditional farming methods. For more information, please visit

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