VividGro® Selected As LED Lighting Provider For Upper Columbia Academy

Sirona Life chose VividGro® GroBars™ after head-to-head competition.

After an intense comparison process, Sirona Life, a customized grow systems solutions company, has chosen VividGro's GroBars for an innovative educational partnership with Upper Columbia Academy Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Eastern Washington. The company was selected over Fluence after the companies were put through a rigorous review process.

The 9th-12th grade boarding school has identified the interdisciplinary benefits of indoor agriculture, including academic and community-building opportunities, as well as increased quality and reduced cost of fresh fruits and vegetables, as an integral part of its curriculum.

Key factors centered on the needs of high school students, including: the cool temperatures maintained by the bulbs; eliminating the potential for injury due to burns; increased coverage at a lower cost; and the ease of installation in the planned rack-mounted configuration.

Throughout the installation process, VividGro's customer service team remained deeply involved, managing all aspects of setup and troubleshooting to craft solutions with a modular approach that offers flexibility as the program evolves, high quality light for maximum plant success, durability for long-term use, and fits within the school's budgetary requirements.

Students will explore hydroponic growing methods, experiment with light output, growing methods, temperature control and the performance of multiple configurations. The eventual goal is a self-sustaining system for the production of all campus produce. While a greenhouse supports natural light growth with more traditional indoor farming methods, Sirona Life has also led the development and installation of a controlled light grow space, specializing in micro-greens and lettuces.

About Sirona Life
Sirona Life, a customized grow systems solutions company, provides expertise in helping people around the world transition their food supply chain to local, organically grown food with our vertical farming solutions.

About VividGro
VividGro is a pioneer in the AgTech space. Tailored to the automation and efficiency needs of the indoor agriculture and horticultural markets, VividGro implements solutions that help growers maximize yields and reduce costs. Our state-of-the-art VividGro customized lighting product line delivers optimized PAR to maximize plant growth and PAR efficacy. Our control automation systems and data collection strategies are able to measure and modify the growing environment to help growers learn how to use their resources more efficiently. Learn more about VividGro at and join us on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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