Heliospectra AB Expands North America Markets With Formation Of Heliospectra Canada, Inc.

The business entity will open doors with a physical corporate location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 15-April 2019.

Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRST NORTH: HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, announces the formation of Heliospectra Canada, Inc. The business entity will open doors with a physical corporate location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 15-April 2019. The Company also continues to scale Heliospectra's executive leadership, sales and technical services teams with business units dedicated to commercial food producers and licensed commercial cannabis operations in both the United States and Canada.

With exponential sales growth and customer adoption of Heliospectra's market-leading LED lighting solutions and helioCORE™ light control systems across North America since 2017, commercial operations and cultivation teams recognize Heliospectra as the proven leader and supplier of horticultural lighting and control technologies for large-scale greenhouses, vertical farms, new build construction and facility retrofit projects across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

"We understand that we need to focus on building localized, professional teams who can be on site and share Heliospectra's technical prowess and plant science expertise directly with cultivation and operations staff. And with the aggressive demand for Heliospectra solutions in United States and Canada, our strategic partnerships with universities and horticulture industry leaders will further strengthen the company's commercial presence," said Ali Ahmadian, CEO, Heliospectra.

Founded in 2006 Heliospectra AB now supports customer installations across six continents and recently expanded the Company's portfolio of LED products to include the helioCORE™ control system that ensures highest-quality crop performance across multiple production cycles and the new SIERA light bar series which includes five customized LED light treatments for indoor vertical farm production, propagation, tissue culture, grafting and healing. Heliospectra also announced a new helioCARE™ technical services portfolio in February 2019.

"Heliospectra and our business is focused on grower success. We partner and collaborate with our customers for the long-term," explained Hanna Rüdel, VP of Technical Services, Heliospectra. "By expanding helioCARE and the technical services available, we guide customers through the facility design and construction process, simplify installations and integrations with other automation technologies, and equip customers with crop-specific light strategies and cultivation training to ensure customer satisfaction and positive, long-term impact on their business' profitability as they scale production."

In addition to hiring business and technology executives, expanding the U.S. and Canadian sales teams and building out a team of horticultural experts, Heliospectra will also focus on expanding partnerships and its network of resellers across North America in 2019.

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