Advancements in LED Lighting Increase Photon Output and Efficiency for Growers

New Illumitex HarvestEdge® XO fixtures deliver class-leading compact design, flexibility, quality and cost per PPF - providing substantial benefits for greenhouse and indoor grow operations

Illumitex, an industry-leading LED lighting manufacturer and digital horticultural visionary that is committed to increasing the efficiency, yields, quality and more for greenhouse, indoor and vertical farming, announced today the new Illumitex HarvestEdge® Extra Output (XO) LED Horticultural Fixture.

This innovative LED fixture truly streamlines the design of new construction and/or the retrofitting of new lighting projects in current structures. This is the first true one-to-one replacement for high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting solutions that consumes 36 percent less energy. This translates to either reducing overhead costs for growers, or simply repurposing this energy conservation/savings back into their business, growing their operation to maximize yields. The updated form factor offers a 0-10 dimming capability and proven Wet Rating, helps reduce shadowing in greenhouses and provides several mounting options for increased flexibility based on your unique facility and requirements.

"This new product advancement clearly demonstrates two critical aspects behind the Illumitex mission and vision. The first is to consistently test and push the boundaries of horticulture science to continue to produce measurable and sustainable benefits for growers; and secondly, to show how a constant commitment to excellence will further these benefits for both growers and the industry overall," said John Spencer, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Illumitex.

With the advancements that Illumitex has made over the last few years, combined with record revenue fiscal quarters, the company continues to reinvest into research and development, product innovation, testing, quality and customer support.

According to a recent report* LED horticulture lighting continues to grow at a five year CAGR of 20.61 percent-- which is being driven by the transition from wasteful High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting to energy, space and cost-saving LEDs. There is also a dramatic increase in indoor growing across all vegetation and a well-known acceleration for Cannabis grows worldwide.

About Illumitex, Inc.
With more than a decade of experience in both LED lighting and horticultural science, an absolute dedication to quality and performance, and solid support for the success of every customer, grow and crop - Illumitex, Inc. is the optimum partner for your greenhouse, vertical farm or any indoor grow initiative. Collaborative, agile and scalable, we can design, produce, deliver and support exactly the right solution for your unique environment and objectives. We are taking horticulture lighting and technology to the next level to improve efficiencies, crop quality, management and analytics, profitability and more.

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