Internet of Things for Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture Market is projected to report a CAGR of 13.5% between 2017 and 2025; Market for Smart Agriculture will rise from US$6.55 bn in 2015 to US$23.44 bn by the end of 2025

The beginning of smart agriculture to meet the regularly expanding food demand in a continually changing atmosphere situation. The IoT is administering our ways of life in 21st century. From city framework to road transportation everything is modeled on IoT these days. At the point when each segment is profited by this innovation, IoT can be of awesome advantage to the agricultural sector.

The demand for smart technologies such as Big Data, cloud-based services, GPS, connected devices and the IoT is gaining pace in the agriculture industry. Driven by the rising need for high precision crop analysis, automated farming techniques and collection of data from the field, the world is likely to witness the agriculture industry get smarter with IoT.


The demand for smart technologies in agriculture is essentially a result of the global population boom which is creating a massive stress on food production, while simultaneously reducing the overall area of arable land available. Apart from that, change in atmosphere and disadvantages of escalated farming over land and water assets makes it vital to devise new techniques to confront future difficulties in the agricultural. To overcome these problems Smart Agriculture which can also begin the era of third green revolution can give path-breaking results.

With the assistance of smart information and communication technologies, the productivity and yield of agricultural sector can be made strides. Brilliant agribusiness with the assistance of drones and sensors is already becoming common in developed countries. It is expected that market for smart agricultural would reach up to US$23.44 bn by 2025 with healthy CAGR of 13.5%

Smart Solutions for Agri: Water Management, Precision Farming, Pest Control Management, Livestock Management, Food Stock Management, Milk Farm Monitoring.

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