Ag data analytics provider Main Street Data breaks new ground with Validator, industry's first broadly-based independent data tool providing growers accurate, relevant subfield-level performance validation

Tool equips growers with ability to validate farming decisions through visibility to potential versus actual production, competitive comparison to others farming under similar conditions

New agricultural data analytics provider Main Street Data today announced the nationwide availability of its inaugural solution, the Validator, a data tool that enables ag producers to validate that the farming practice decisions they make every year are achieving their production goals.

The Validator is the ag industry's first broadly-based independent data tool providing growers with subfield-level visibility to any gaps between the potential at a chosen benchmark yield level versus their actual yields, and performance comparison to others farming under like conditions. Armed with this information, growers can determine if they are achieving their goals, understand if their products and practices are working and course-correct if not, accurately assess if their performance is competitive, and ultimately make better, more-informed yield-enhancing decisions.

The Validator is available directly to farmers exclusively through GiSC, (Grower Information Services Cooperative), the nation's only grower-owned and -governed agricultural data cooperative. Validator Platinum is available to GiSC members with a five-year trend plan for $2.50/acre or members can purchase Validator Premium, a single-year (2018) plan, for $.85/acre. Validator Platinum comes with a money-back guarantee.

"The Validator brings data science to the ag producer in a format that he can utilize for decision-making," said Billy Tiller, CEO of GiSC. "Farmers no longer must guess about whether they are performing at a competitive level or if they are getting optimal production from their fields. The tool provides them with that vital information at a subfield level where precision agriculture decisions are required. If for any reason a farmer is not satisfied, we will refund his money, asking only the reason so we can use the feedback to improve the product."

Main Street Data possesses a repository of meticulously and accurately collected crop yield data spanning seven years, millions of acres, and 1.3B Microfields across 25 states. The result is the nation's largest and highest quality data set of corn, soybean and wheat yield, and related naturally-occurring variables at the granular resolution of 150 square feet. In collaboration with GiSC and IBM, the company will leverage the data set to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of solutions devoted to improving farmer productivity, profitability and sustainability.

"Other industries are replete with independent firms assessing performance trends and competitive product performance," said Ron T. LeMay, CEO of Main Street Data. "Unfortunately, agriculture has been without such a resource until today. Main Street Data is not owned by any agribusiness and has no intention of selling agriculture input products that could create conflict. Consequently, our approach is objective with a goal of using our collection of yield data, data science and analytics to help farmers overcome the challenges they face."

"Through our collaboration with Main Street Data and GiSC, growers can leverage our collective capabilities for current and future products and services that can benefit their operations on multiple fronts," added Mark Gildersleeve, Head of Watson IoT Platform and Business Solutions for The Weather Company, an IBM Business. "We believe data-driven tools will empower farmers to make smarter and better informed decisions."

Main Street Data and Grower Information Services Cooperative are members of IBM PartnerWorld, IBM's premiere partner program empowering businesses with the tools and resources they need to help transform clients into industry leaders.

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