DroneDeploy Releases a Complete Drone Software Solution for Ag Professionals

Understand whats happening in your fields and make smarter crop management decisions with the Precision Ag Package from DroneDeploy

Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing markets in the commercial drone industry. And its no wonder why. UAVs are quickly becoming the go-to tool for gathering crop intelligence, increasing efficiency in the field and enabling smarter crop management decisions. But many drone solutions arent built with Ag pros — or the unique, seasonal challenges you face — in mind. Thats why were excited to announce our latest offering tailored for the agriculture industry, the DroneDeploy Precision Ag Package.

This new software package provides you with the features and tools to maximize the impact of drone data on the farm, making it easy to focus on what matters most: boosting crop yields and minimizing inputs.

A Drone Data Platform Built for Use in the Field
Available now, the DroneDeploy Precision Ag Package includes unlimited drone mapping and storage, as well as a curated toolset for generating actionable insights on the farm and in the field, including:

Live Map generates maps and aerial insights in real time, as the drone flies.
Live Map — the ultimate crop scouting tool

A first of its kind feature, Live Map makes drone maps of your field as the drone flies. Examine crops, analyze crop health, and immediately ground truth your findings in real time from your iPad or iPhone — no SD card, internet connection, or laptop required. Learn more.

Agriculture image processing engine
We have developed the leading photogrammetry algorithm for agriculture mapping. Our image processing engine succeeds where others fail. With DroneDeploy, you can stitch imagery all season long — even late-stage and homogenous crop maps.

With DroneDeploy you can create field management zones with the click of a button.
Advanced crop health toolkit
Our precision agriculture toolkit supports a range of camera hardware and remote sensing algorithms so you can choose the workflow that meets your needs. Toggle between plant health algorithms like NDVI or VARI, utilize sensors from Senterra and SLANTRANGE, and create field management zones with the click of a button.

The DroneDeploy App Market features apps and integrations with industry-leading tools.
Ag-specific export options and industry-leading apps & integrations
Benefit from plant health shapefile exports, third-party agriculture apps, and integrations with leading software such as John Deere Operations Center and the AgX Platform. Its never been easier to integrate drone data into your existing workflow. Explore the DroneDeploy App Market.

Smarter Crop Management with Actionable Intelligence from Agremo
An example of an Agremo Plant Population and Stand Count report.
Agremo is an industry-leading agricultural sensing and analysis platform. Weve partnered with Agremo to bring drone crop reports to DroneDeploy, so our agriculture customers can create actionable reports that drive down costs and improve crop performance. The Precision Ag Package comes with access to Plant Population and Stand Count reports (up to 1,000 acres) — an added $1,500 value.

Stand Count

Count seasonal field crops and vegetables to determine accurate stand establishment with this report. You will also uncover sowing quality and any potential yield loss that could occur.

Plant Population

Get accurate, up-to-date plant counts from your field. This report is perfect for counting perennial plantations or row crops — including different orientation angle rows.

"I printed off the report and met him at edge of field. We walked out and ground-truthed the map and he was very impressed. I handed him the map and he was making a decision right from there." — Corey Nohl, a grower and drone service provider, on pairing DroneDeploy and Agremo.
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Where to Learn More
Read more about our Precision Ag Package by visiting our solution page.
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