SLANTRANGE Launches the 3p Multispectral Sensor for Agriculture Drones with Flexible New Data Processing Options

The new 3p sensor from SLANTRANGE, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight, is available now with new SlantView software plans to meet the needs of all users.

SLANTRANGE, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation, drone-based remote sensing and analytics systems for agriculture, announced today the availability of their new 3p multispectral sensor system and SlantView™ analytics software for agriculture drones. The 3p is built on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Flight™ drone platform, a highly optimized platform for drones and robotics applications, and is now available for purchase with a variety of flexible processing options to meet the needs of all users, from academic researchers to global enterprise customers to the smallest of farmers.

"Were very excited to bring our new 3p sensor and SlantView analytics to market at this critical time of the North American growing season," said Michael Ritter, CEO of SLANTRANGE. "Our technology is designed to bring unique value to growers and agronomists from emergence to harvest and we look forward to seeing all of our new and existing customers put it to work in the fields."
The 3p sensor harnesses the power of Snapdragon Flight to provide quantitative metrics about the status, health, and yield potential of crops immediately after a drone flight, enabling growers, agronomists, and drone service providers to scale their operations almost anywhere in the world, with no dependence on high-bandwidth network infrastructure or large-scale computing power. The 3p also incorporates SLANTRANGEs patented technique for delivering accurate crop measurements under changing sunlight conditions, a critical prerequisite for trend analysis and yield forecasting.
SlantView is the software analytics platform developed by SLANTRANGE to deliver an entirely new approach to crop measurement and analysis. Tightly coupled with the 3p sensor architecture, SlantView provides valuable new classes of information enabled by low-altitude imaging. To address the needs of all users and provide capability and pricing flexibility, three versions of SlantView are now available:
SlantView Lite™ is provided for free and enables processing of 3p data in 3rd party software tools.
SlantView Basic™ provides basic metrics about crop health, including vegetation stress and multiple NDVI indices. A 30-day free trial of SlantView Basic is available with all 3p purchases.
SlantView Pro™ adds powerful computer vision and machine learning based tools to deliver the full suite of SLANTRANGE analytics, including vegetation stress, multiple NDVI indices, plant population density, plant size distributions, weed detection maps, vegetation fraction, yield potential, and custom user-defined information layers using Smart Detection™.
"SlantView is already proven as an invaluable tool for agriculture drone service businesses with its powerful offline analytics and efficient workflows," said Ritter. "The addition of new pricing and capability options will directly support our mission to scale our solutions across all of the worlds agricultural acres."
The 3p and SlantView are now available through the SLANTRANGE online store or from any of SLANTRANGEs global distributors.
SLANTRANGE is an agricultural intelligence company that develops and markets sensors and analytics systems designed specifically for the needs of farmers. By quickly providing insights from the field, SLANTRANGE gives farmers more control over agricultural land, helping to reduce operational costs and improve decision making. To learn more, please visit

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