Koolfog, Inc. to Exhibit Cannabis Greenhouse Fog Solutions at Marijuana Business: MJBIZCon

Koolfog, Inc. is pleased to invite cannabis industry professionals to Booth #C1726 at Marijuna Business: MJBizCon, December 11-13, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Koolfog, Inc. will showcase its high-pressure fog systems and solutions designed for marijuana greenhouse and indoor cannabis grow facilities. Koolfog's innovative technology harnesses the ability to address horti- cultural factors such as temperature and humidity control to facilitate the best environments for healthy cannabis growth.

Bryan Roe, President and CEO of Koolfog, Inc., states, "We have worked with agricultural experts to research and develop fog systems focused on cannabis production. Our systems produce micron-sized particles classi- fied as "fog" as a perfect vehicle to cool and humidify marijuana greenhouse and grow facilities in a uniform manner with high efficiency and low maintenance costs."

Cannabis Growers and Cultivators can visit the Koolfog Booth #C1726 to explore solutions in:
Temperature Cooling
Balanced Humidification
Greenhouse / Grow Facility Environmental Systems Integration Dust Particle and Unhealthy Bacteria Management
Propagation of Healthy Seedlings, Soil & Plant Growth

About Koolfog, Inc.
For over 30 years Koolfog Inc. has designed, developed and manufactured fog solutions for cooling, humidi- fication, dust control, water features and special effects. Koolfog, Inc. is a world leader in delivering the best in quality high pressure fog systems that balance performance and aesthetics while seamlessly integrating into theme parks, restaurants, resort hotels, industrial facilities, wineries, green-
house crops, landscapes and architectural settings. http://www.koolfog.com

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