Gamaya Introduces Breakthrough Agronomic Intelligence Platform for Large-scale Tobacco Growers

Gamaya announces the launch of its latest product TobaccoFit, an agronomic decision-support solution that improves the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of large-scale tobacco operations

Gamaya's TobaccoFit solution is already in use by Philip Morris International, one of the world's largest tobacco producers, and will be commercially available to growers in Brazil in early 2019. Gamaya will extend the product offer to other parts of the world, including the United States, in the near future.

By combining drone-based imagery obtained from its proprietary lightweight hyperspectral cameras with AI-powered data analytics, Gamaya is able to provide customers with robust monitoring and analysis of their tobacco fields season after season.

Some of the things Gamaya's unique agronomic intelligence platform can do is detect diseases such as the tobacco mosaic virus and provide plant-to-field level insights about crop and agronomic conditions, including plant flowering time, leaf maturity levels, and soil compaction.

A fully-automated analysis is undertaken on a weekly basis and delivered to customers within 48 hours via an easy-to-use online platform. Customers are alerted of potential issues affecting their crop and provided with actionable advice throughout the various stages of tobacco growth. They also receive detailed statistics about their fields, which can be compared, analyzed and prioritized in order to optimize their use of inputs and resources.

All of the data Gamaya provides its customers can be exported to industry-standard .shp files, which are compatible with CAD and most other field machinery software in order to improve precision agriculture approaches.

"Philip Morris International and Gamaya have been working in agricultural projects since 2016. The services and technologies of Gamaya are valuable to our business and agricultural strategy. Together, we have been developing innovative solutions, combining our expertise and knowledge in the tobacco crop and disruptive technologies in artificial intelligence and hyperspectral remote sensing imagery. Today, we are able to provide to our agronomists on-time and accurate information, so they can take the right actions throughout the crop season. We expect to continue working with Gamaya in the future and build more solutions together to further improve our operational efficiencies and sustainability going forward, " stated Nicolas Ravaille, Sustainable Agriculture Manager at Philip Morris International.

Thomas Peyrachon, Chief Marketing Officer at Gamaya comments, "Gamaya is thrilled to deploy this important product as an addition to our suite of industry-leading agronomic intelligence solutions. Tobacco growers can now benefit from the actionable insights that our unique combination of drone-based imagery and machine learning data analytics capabilities deliver, allowing them to obtain valuable outcomes in terms of optimized use of resources and improved quality of the production."

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About Gamaya

Gamaya is  a Swiss-based company providing a unique agronomic intelligence platform that increases the efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses. Leveraging a technology stack built on artificial intelligence and data fusion, Gamaya analyzes a combination of satellite and proprietary drone-based hyperspectral and RGB imaging data, along with climate, weather and soil data to provide actionable insights across multiple crops and geographies, including planting efficiency analysis, yield forecasting, weed detection, input optimization, and more.

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