CH4 Global Launches Methane Tamer™ Beef Feedlot, first of the new formulations in the Methane Tamer™ line

New targeted digestive aid formulation with quality star ingredient, Asparagopsis seaweed, is a safe, cost-effective way to reduce enteric methane emissions from beef feedlot cattle by as much as 90%.

HENDERSON, Nev., April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- CH4 Global, Inc., today announced a new proprietary methane reducing digestive aid feed formulation for beef feedlot cattle called Methane Tamer™ Beef Feedlot. The product is the first in a line of products for a full suite of ruminant animals and farming approaches being developed under the Methane Tamer™ brand and will initially be commercially available to partners in Australia with global expansion coming in future years.

With its patented innovations in operational efficiencies and formulation, CH4 Global has developed the highest quality, lowest cost and most efficacious product designed for and with the end user. This natural product includes the entire Asparagopsis plant, as used in independent peer reviewed animal feed studies, and is not a synthetic replication of only one of the active ingredients or an extract from Asparagopsis.

The new formulation reduces formation of methane in the animal rumen, thanks to its star ingredient, Asparagopsis seaweed. When processed correctly, Asparagopsis has been scientifically proven to reduce methane emissions in cattle by up to 90% without negative effects on animal welfare or beef quality taste or texture. Our proprietary formulation contains superior-quality Asparagopsis and other natural ingredients to support intake by feedlot cattle and easy inclusion in the feeding regimen. Benefits:

Up to 90% reduction of enteric methane emissions from beef feedlot cattle
Supports feed efficiency and weight gain
Aids in digestion

Our product will be made available to our existing commercial partners CirPro and Ravensworth, along with other partnerships currently under negotiation with commercial scale feedlots and food producers to radically reduce the methane footprint without altering the production process, and the opportunity to deliver premium, low-methane food.

"As we validate the business model with our initial partners - both the business model for us and for the farmers, we will expand to our next group of partners… Those that enable scaling in our launch market and initial expansion into new geographic markets. The key to our model, and what we uniquely do, is to drive a cost structure that not only enables, but also encourages usage of our product because it makes both economic and environmental sense to do so. It is also how we will achieve gigatonne scale impact before 2030." - Chris Rose, Chief Business Development Officer

"What we have developed over the last four years is a platform that can quickly scale and be highly profitable. In fact, this new approach, plus our filed IP's on novel ways to dramatically drive down costs of growing and processing Asparagopsis, while preserving bioactivity of the final product, has ensured that we now have, without question, the lowest cost product on the market while maintaining the highest quality, natural/non-synthetic, product." - Steve Meller, CEO

About Methane Tamer™
Methane Tamer™, a CH4 Global brand, is a natural feed supplement line that solves the urgent problem of animal emissions from cattle and other ruminant livestock. Food producers use Methane Tamer to minimize their carbon footprints and deliver premium, low-methane foods. The star ingredient in Methane Tamer is our high-quality Asparagopsis seaweed, nutrient rich and designed to deliver the highest methane-reducing benefits available. Our targeted formulations are species specific and designed for the unique requirements of food producers in multiple types of operations.

About CH4 Global
CH4 Global, founded in 2018, is on an urgent mission to bend the climate curve, through collaboration with strategic partners worldwide. We deliver market-disruptive products that enable the food industry value chain to radically reduce GHG emissions. The company's first innovation, Methane Tamer™ feed additives for feedlot cattle, harnesses the power of Asparagopsis seaweed to reduce enteric methane emissions by up to 90%. CH4 Global is headquartered in Henderson, NV, with current subsidiaries in Australia and New Zealand. ####

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