JLT Mobile Computers gains industry recognition as ‘Top Food Chain Technology’ provider

State-of-the art rugged computers paired with custom services designed for the specific needs of the food industry secure JLT a much-contested spot on Food Chain Digest list

JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer of reliable computing solutions for demanding environments, has been recognized as a 2022 "Top Food Chain Technology" provider by Food Chain Digest, the official magazine of Food Shippers of America (FSA). Designed to serve as a resource to food shippers seeking new opportunities to leverage technologies in their supply chain strategy and execution, the Top Food Chain Technology award program is special in that nominations are industry validated. Only companies with the strongest reputation and use cases attract sufficient votes from supply chain, transportation, and logistics professionals in the food industry to secure a coveted spot on the list.

"Technology has become the backbone of the food supply chain, where reliable uptime, efficiency, productivity, and transparency are everything," says Brian Everett, group publisher and editorial director of Food Chain Digest. "The Top Food Chain Technology program recognizes standout technologies and services from leaders such as JLT Mobile Computers that help food shippers accomplish their business goals. JLT not only provides the computing hardware food shippers need to keep their operations running smoothly every minute of every day, but also leverages decades of industry-specific experience to act as a customization partner."

"We are immensely proud to have earned the food industry's recognition for the value our rugged technology and services bring to the food chain," says Per Holmberg, CEO JLT Mobile Computers Group. "JLT has a long history of working with leading companies in the food and beverage sector. Engineered and customized for the food industry's specific feature requirements, our rugged devices truly do what they should: They keep operations running efficiently and increase productivity across the entire food chain, from field to fork, including manufacture, shipping, and storage."

Recent innovations that earned JLT a spot on Food Chain Digest's 2022 "Top Food Chain Technology" list include the JLT6012A™ computer, a dedicated and fully rugged new Android version of its popular JLT6012™ Series of terminals. Built from the ground up for highest reliability and certified for Google Mobile Services (GMS), the new JLT6012A™ addresses the rapidly increasing demand for Android in the food and other industrial supply chain operations. The vehicle-mount computer merges professional-grade rugged computer hardware with the simplicity, familiarity, and ease of use often experienced with Android.

Besides their leading-edge technology, what also earned JLT industry recognition as a Top Food Chain Technology provider is their high-touch business model. The company typically spends a lot of time trying to understand customers' specific goals, concerns, challenges, and priorities, before advising on the best device selection and necessary system customizations.

A good example of the custom approach is a well-known Fortune 500 US food producer who today deploys thousands of customized JLT devices to keep their production and fulfilment operations efficient and productive. Besides the extreme reliability of the JLT devices and the full lifecycle support, they have found the custom image JLT developed specifically for them of immense value. JLT provided a high-performance image that is locked down, so the screen only shows items the workforce needs to do their specific job. This has made operating the devices more efficient, which has saved the customer a lot of time and money, especially as they deploy such a large fleet of rugged computers from JLT. Significantly, this special custom image also prevents malware and rogue applications from getting onto their network, which ensures uptime and increases security.

To learn more about JLT Mobile Computers, and the company's products, services and solutions, visit www.jltmobile.com. Financial information is available on JLT's investor page.

To view a full list of companies named on the Top Food Chain Technology list, visit www.FoodShippers.org and click "Announcements".

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