HelioSol Software Solutions announces the release of Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™

A Powerful Estimation Tool Saving You Time & Expense!

Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™ software as a service (SaaS) allows horticultural luminaire and greenhouse manufacturers to provide their clients with quick estimates of how many luminaires they will need to achieve the client's specified light levels from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access and without any prior CAD experience.

Using Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™, it will take only a few minutes to model a greenhouse or vertical farm, whereas it might take an inhouse applications engineer an hour or more to do the same using other available software. This saves time and money for the manufacturer and, ultimately, the client.
Horticultural Lighting Design Software:
Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™ displays location specific photorealistic estimates of interior
greenhouse and polytunnel daylighting and supplemental lighting.
Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™ is the only estimation tool:
specifically for horticulture;
displaying interior Daily Light Integral levels;
providing data to assess the efficiency and
effectiveness of existing and proposed lighting solutions (including energy use);
store and display (privately or publicly) horticultural luminaire photometric data files provided by the manufacturer;
and where available compare horticultural luminaires with respect to a lighting solution.
There are several advantages of using Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™
over other available software:
First and foremost, Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™ is explicitly designed for
horticultural lighting. In the first release, the layout of tables or trays and luminaires will be done
automatically, saving the designer from specifying their positions.
Second, Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™ can model individual trays in vertical farms.
When the trays are stacked with lighting above each tray, the illumination of the trays rather than the entire room is of primary importance.
Third, an upcoming release of Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™ will integrate climate-based
annual daylighting with supplemental electric lighting in greenhouses, enabling designers to
determine the optimum design that combines both light sources.
The lighting design calculation engine in Cerise365+GreenHouseDesigner™ is a
proven tool. Developed by Ian Ashdown, Cerise365 is the significantly enhanced
successor to the calculation engine used in AGi32 and ElumTools.
Here is the link to begin your designs: https://www.heliosolsoft.com/greenhousedesigner/
Discount Code: a2231d

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