GroGuru Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on WeFunder to Support Funding for Aggressive Growth

GroGuru's revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) enabled software as a service (SaaS) saves water, increases crop yield and improves sustainability for commercial farmers

GroGuru, an innovator in precision agriculture and site-specific soil monitoring, announced today that it has launched a new equity crowdfunding round on the WeFunder platform.

GroGuru provides a software as a service solution for strategic water management - assisting farmers in sustainable crop monitoring that saves them water, resources, and of course, extra work. Deploying over 4,000 soil sensors across over 20 crop types in the United States, GroGuru acquired $620K in revenue in 2020 alone - a huge success in a very difficult economic environment.

"Our mission is to help farmers make more money by increasing crop yields and more efficiently using water and other scarce resources like labor, energy and fertilizer in a more sustainable way. We do this by providing superior decision support tools to farmers and agronomic consultants for strategic water management," said Patrick Henry, GroGuru's President & CEO. "We are thrilled to be launching this equity crowdfunding campaign, which is providing bridge capital as we continue our aggressive growth plans for 2022 and beyond. By allowing early stage investors from all walks of life and financial status to own a real stake in the company deeply resonates with my core beliefs. Anyone who believes in GroGuru's mission should be able to participate in our success. WeFunder makes that possible."

GroGuru is building an ecosystem of partners to support crop modeling, weather forecasts, and a variety of sensor solutions. Ecosystem partners will provide agronomic inputs that will enable farmers and agronomic consultants to make the most educated decisions about irrigation management. 

GroGuru Highlights:

Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence & Software as a Service platform with a payback period of less than one growing season
Global Impact - Significant Water Savings and Increased Food Security from crop yield increases
GroGuru stands out in the global agriculture industry, which generates $2.4 trillion annually
Patented technology - 30x improvement in scalability - 30% water efficiency improvement
4,000+ sensors deployed across 200+ customers in the US
Existing customers represent 1 million deployable acres and a dealer footprint of 5 million acres
Team brings extensive technical and domain expertise in wireless, AI, SaaS and crop science
Founder ran 4 startups with multiple exits, including an IPO that led to a $1 billion valuation
GroGuru's' equity crowdfunding campaign can be found here:


About GroGuru

GroGuru, Inc. is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA, which supplies precision soil and irrigation monitoring and management systems to the commercial agriculture industry. GroGuru is all about strategic irrigation management, helping farmers make more money by increasing crop yield and more efficiently using water in a sustainable way. GroGuru has a patented wireless underground system (WUGS) for soil monitoring, an AI-based recommendation engine in the Cloud, and an intuitive farmer-friendly user interface that farmers can access on their tablet, computer or mobile device. GroGuru sells an innovative hardware-enabled subscription-based solution to farmers that enables optimal irrigation, as well as a software as a service (SaaS) product marketed as GroGuru® InSites. GroGuru's patented WUGS technology enables a permanent installation of soil sensors, even in annual field crops. GroGuru has been a part of the OCTANE LaunchPad, EvoNexus, AgLaunch, the Yield Lab, SVG-Thrive and Plug & Play AgTech accelerator programs.

About WeFunder

WeFunder is the nation's leading investment crowdfunding platform, with a mission to keep the American dream alive. Founded in 2011, WeFunder has helped hundreds of companies raise almost $130 million. WeFunder companies have gone on to raise over $2 billion in venture capital. WeFunder is a Public Benefit Corporation and B Corp, with a goal to help 20,000 founders get off the ground by 2029.

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