HRS Agriculture to partner with Agnetix Lighting Technology for Michigan large-scale indoor grow

HRS Agriculture forms strategic alliance with global lighting technology experts.

Agnetix, a leader in Smart Horticulture Lighting Technology, has been selected as the primary lighting partner by HRS Agriculture's nearly 40,000 square foot cultivation facility in the Detroit metro area. HRS's state-of-the-art 1300 PPFD indoor cultivation facility will feature 350 of Agnetix's cutting-edge, high-powered, liquid-cooled ZENITH luminaires.

HRS was drawn to Agnetix as their lighting system for its industry benchmark energy efficiencies and data visibility. Agnetix provides a full suite of value-added benefits and a one-of-kind decision support system, employing energy-efficient LED lighting, canopy-level sensors, networking technology, and real time data analytics.

Richard Sarfoh, Owner of HRS Agriculture, said, "We became aware of Agnetix through one of our cultivation partners, Oak Canna, who had recently equipped their flower rooms with Agnetix lights. The water cooling system immediately caught our attention. The following in-person product presentations by Troy and Robert from Agnetix convinced us of the company's competence and professionalism, leading us to choose this product for our single-stacked flower rooms."

"The service has been prompt and the software program is user-friendly. We especially like the sunrise and sunset feature. The fact that the lights are glycol-cooled makes them efficient and takes loads off our HVAC system. The flawless installation method is an additional bonus," he continued. "In combination with our genetics and caring cultivation team, we are looking for high-potency, clean flower product output by carefully working/modifying the light source. According to current Agnetix customers, significant yield numbers are achievable by utilizing the Agnetix system properly."

"We welcome HRS to the growing Agnetix family." said Dr. Ihor Lys, CTO, Agnetix. "Richard and his team quickly saw the high light levels, improved efficiencies and advantages the Agnetix platform provides, accelerating their path to produce high quality, high yield product for the Detroit market. With the additional sensors and features of the Zenith light, HRS will have an unparalleled view and optimization capability, providing efficiency and operational benefits for years to come."

For more information about the Agnetix A3 and Zenith water-cooled lighting systems, visit or contact

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