Epik Systems Joins AgGateway to Enable its Farm and Carbon Management Solution Development

Epik is using ADAPT to support farming Greenhouse Gas (GHG) initiatives.

EPIK Systems, a product incubation service provider focused on building sustainability solutions, has announced joining AgGateway, whose membership leads the development of the "Ag Data Application Programming Toolkit." ADAPT is an open-source project that enables interoperability between different agriculture software and hardware applications.

Farmers are under continual pressure to produce more with less, more often than not within a sustainability mandate of "do no damage" or an even more impactful regenerative need to "repair the damage already done." Enter precision agriculture, the application of technology, and a voracious appetite for data. With potentially infinite combinations and permutations of methods, operational activities, systems, equipment, sensors, fertilizer, pesticides, soil type, and water conditions, etc., the sources of this data are myriad.

"Without ADAPT, we would have to develop an innumerable number of interfaces to collect the data we need, not only for efficient operations and yield management but also for effective sustainability and carbon management," said Tim O'Neal, Epik co-founder and CEO.

Epik is developing solutions for GHG measurement, reporting, and mitigation at the farm level. There is a requirement for enhanced data acquisition and AI modeling across land preparation, fertilization, protection, planting, irrigation, harvesting, measurement/scouting, post-processing, transport, and carbon sequestration.

"We want to help extend the ADAPT data model to support GHG management," said Kevin Hannah, Epik vice-president of product marketing & strategy. "To this end, the next step will be to explore the potential of a new GHG Management Working Group with the AgGateway community."

For the farmer, any solution for both farm and carbon management requires data. The acquisition and value generation from that data, for them, must be as near effortless as possible. Epik is using ADAPT to do just that.

About Epik Systems
Epik works with both startups looking to bring about a market revolution and established companies with innovation initiatives exploring new technologies to change the game. We provide the AI, Blockchain, and Edge technology skills to accelerate software development, alongside the domain expertise to help design, deploy, and deliver products across the success finish line. Learn more at http://www.epik.ai.

About AgGateway
AgGateway is a global, non-profit organization with the mission to develop the resources and relationships that drive digital connectivity in global agriculture and related industries. Learn more at http://www.aggateway.org.

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