Announcing: JCA Technologies partners with EXXACT Robotics in co-development of a new autonomous viticulture machine

JCA Technologies and EXXACT Robotics have joined forces to create an innovative autonomous machine for viticulture applications.

This new project combines EXXACT Robotics' proficiency in perception & robotics systems machinery, and JCA's expertise in autonomous agricultural control systems. This new vineyard machine type targets specifically workers' safety as well as environmental-friendly crop care.

(Winnipeg, Canada and Epernay, France, December 2nd, 2020) EXXACT Robotics, a French precision farming solutions company, has partnered with JCA Technologies in the co-development of EXXACT's autonomous machine for vineyard applications. EXXACT Robotics is part of the EXEL Industries group of companies, which has been a leader in agricultural machine systems for more than 70 years. JCA Technologies is a Canadian technology firm focused on providing advanced agricultural controls systems to OEMs.

A new project
This new project combines the capabilities of both companies. EXXACT's expertise in perception systems, in machine development and manufacturing, as well as their extensive knowledge of viticulture applications are combined with JCA's expertise in autonomous agricultural control systems, and the use of technologies from the JCA Autonomous Framework. The result of these capabilities paired with JCA and EXXACT's in depth experience with agricultural machine controls is a specific innovative new autonomous machine equipped to transform viticulture operations.

About the collaboration
"The collaboration in between JCA team and EXXACT Robotics is a real leap forward to reach actual robotics solutions, to tackle the challenges of vineyards owners regarding safety and performance", quoted from Colin Chaballier, General Manager at EXXACT Robotics. "We look forward to continuing to work with EXXACT, and are excited about the direction the project is heading" says Darcy Cook, VP Engineering and General Manager of JCA Technologies.

More information
For more information about the collaboration attend the JCA Technologies webinar at the FIRA 2020 Conference on Dec. 9 To learn more about JCA Technologies visit

About JCA Technologies:
JCA Technologies is a leader in autonomous and connected agricultural machine control systems. Our autonomous framework provides a platform of core infrastructure technologies with which machine manufacturers can develop their unique autonomous machine applications, resulting in scalable autonomous machine solutions. These technologies are augmented with expert engineering services, and manufacturing capabilities, helping OEMs get their innovations to the field.

About EXXACT Robotics:
EXXACT Robotics delivers innovative precision farming solutions for crop protection. We are part of EXEL Industries group, as the global specialist ("spray-liner") in agricultural spraying with eight main brands and a presence in half the fleet in France. In the context of sustainable farming acceleration, EXXACT Robotics brings in industrial-built solutions to vineyards owners and farmers, to better target and automate the daily crop care activities, in best safety, performance, and environmental-friendly conditions.

Contact JCA Technologies
Darcy Cook, VP Engineering / GM // 204 783 9390 ext. 312

Contact EXXACT Robotics
Colin Chaballier, General Manager // +33 (0)6 38 16 68 55

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